Bournemouth’s forgotten music scene: Spring King and LEECHES at Sixty Million Postcards

spring king

In this week’s BFMS feature Hope Frost reviews Spring Kings and Bournemouth based rock band LEECHES live performance at Sixty Million Postcards.

The indie kids of Bournemouth were treated once again by WeBrokeFree on Thursday (23/2/17) at Sixty Million Postcards, with Spring King venturing all the way from the depths of Manchester to play a sold out show.

Spring King have a distinctive sound that makes you feel like you’re watching your exceptionally talented mates play at a house party, and Sixty was the perfect venue to play host this. A visceral atmosphere was created that was ideal for the sing-along tracks that the boys played. Bournemouth based LEECHES supported and they did a stellar job of prepping the crowd for the imminent mayhem of the evening, with their recently released debut EP ‘Strange Bonds’. Their fuzzy alt-rock was, as always, well received by the crowd.  Spring King’s front man, Tarek Musa, was quick to compliment the young band, “Can we please make a shit load of noise for Leeches!”.

The band played a crowd favourite; ‘Detroit’, that they released as a single in 2016, this got the venue dancing and it soon became impossible not to join in. It’s hard not to thrash around along with the band as the track has an energetic pop-punk vibe to it that matches their indie rock back bone, with a catchy chorus and guitar riff. The guys also give off a vibe that makes you feel like you’re hanging out with them rather than just watching their gig, with Tarek regularly checking in and thanking everyone over and over again for coming.

Give yourselves a round of applause, you sold out Bournemouth! It’s so crazy for us because we’re from the north and we would never expect to see so many faces so far down south.”

‘Demons’ was another boisterous favourite, that’s probably the band’s slowest track on their 2014 ‘Demons EP’. Crafted from desperate lyrics like “Hold onto the morning light” and “I’m so afraid of what they’ll say”, the dark undertones are complimented by the scuzzy guitar and vocals.  After the quick reprise from battering each other the crowd were once again ready for something heavier, and the boys didn’t disappoint. Pandemonium then broke lose in Sixty with the arrival of the next track ‘City’  (Tarek was quick to clarify “it’s not about football”) It is a riotous indie track that is chaotic in all the best ways. With a punchy drum track that whipped the crowd into a frenzy, making for some very happy (but a little sweaty) punters.

At the end of the set the boys invited the crowd for a beer and chat, since they were staying in Bournemouth ahead of supporting The Kaiser Cheifs at the BIC the following night. These Northerners were particularly down to earth, and I’ll be surprised if their attitude doesn’t take them far in the indie scene.

Listen to a Spring King track right here!