Bournemouth rock band ‘LEECHES’ launch their EP with a night of heavy moshing and crowd surfing

Leeches launch

Leisure Records and TRNS Records treated Bournemouth’s alternative rock  fans to a free party, filled with beers, heavy facial hair and crowd surfing.

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Words by Hope Frost

LEECHES, a Wimbourne based 3 piece band celebrated the release of their new EP in style by throwing a party at the Bournemouth rock bar- The Anvil.

The EP was released on the 3rd of March and has been enjoying positive reviews with its whimsical lyrics, sweet psychedelia, and heavy pop-rock, it’s a cocktail of delicious scuzzy sounds- the type that get you drunk without you realising.

The EP launch party kicked off with support from Post-Heather and San Marlo and were on tremendous form. They played to what started out as a pretty chilled crowd however, this was shortlived as they quickly fell into anarchy. As soon as those heavy psyche riffs took hold of the punters, mayhem ensued with some unapologetic thrashing in the dark abyss of the basement – every LEECHES fan’s wet dream.

Sooner or later fans were crowd surfing and crawling across the ceiling. It is obvious that people like what the boys are doing and aren’t afraid to express it by pummeling each other into a pulp, as they appreciate the alternative rock mastery of LEECHES.

It’s an exciting time for music in Dorset and we are very proud of LEECHES achievement. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more.

You can buy their EP here and stream it/download it or get as a tape.

Listen to one of the tracks from LEECHES EP: