Bournemouth Bloggers: Fashion to Fit for February

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As I scroll through the Fashion to Fit blog, it is everything a gym junky turned fashion enthusiast could ever dream of. These girls have hit the nail firmly on the head with a blog that just about caters for all things fashion, fitness, health, beauty and everything in-between.

The Fashion to Fit blog was set up by five Bournemouth University Journalism students and is the product of a sporty, trendy panel of writers and their useful tips, reviews and personal experiences.

What makes this blog different from the rest is the intellectual content that has been so cleverly weaved throughout the blog posts, focusing on women in sport and providing audiences with food for thought on sportswomen in the media, how to deal with anxiety and eating healthily.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 23.54.08This strong balance has us here at Nerve Fashion wondering why we never knew about this blog before! So on that note lets hear from one of the lady’s behind the blog.

Megan Coutts, 20, a final year Multi-Media Journalism student gave Nerve an insight into the world of Fashion to Fit and what makes it tick.

First things first, we were dying to know how the girls started this lovely little blog?!Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 23.36.44

“My friends and I study Journalism, and in our first year we were desperate to start a blog. Originally we were going to set-up independent blogs but because our interests were so similar, we thought why not collaborate?! It was a great idea as it made our blog more unique and perhaps attracted a wider audience.

“We wanted our content to be more like an online magazine, rather than the traditional personal blog. Whilst I love personal blogs, I think it’s good to offer a range of content, which is what we attempt to achieve at Fashion to Fit.”

What made you get into blogging?

“I’ve always loved reading other peoples blog’s, and always wished to set-up my own. (Some of my favourites are Pixiwoo, Fit Girl Code and Scarlett London). I think it’s a great way to document not only the things you care about but also day to day interests. If you’re not sure about setting up your own blog, I would recommend collabing with a friend or two.”

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Why fitness and fashion?

“We blog about fashion, fitness and everything in-between really. As there are 5 of us, it gives us a greater scope of interests. I think these days, fashion and fitness go hand-in-hand – I’m forever on the look out for different work-out styles!”

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What inspires you?

“My friends are probably at the root of my inspiration, I often take little bits of their style that has caught my attention, and try and make it my own. But I’m inspired almost from everywhere, it depends on my mood!”

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 00.09.02 Are there any bloggers who you would like to be like?

“I love Millie Mackintosh’s blog, I think she caters for every type of woman. From her own clothing line, to her work out regime, she’s always been someone I’ve look up to for personal style. I would also recommend her book, it acts as a great dictionary for beauty, food, fashion and fitness!”

What are your top tips for running a successful blog?

“A weekly round up post – something your readers can look forward to. For example one of our bloggers Liv, writes up a weekly music round up. I think it’s a great way to keep audiences in loop and offers consistency which is always a great thing.”Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 00.03.16

Favourite stores?

Zara, H&M, Topshop and Mango.

Favourite sport/exercise?

“I love spinning, pump and other fitness classes. Bournemouth University has an extensive range of classes, and I think classes are truly the way forward for getting fit, motivated and really see a difference.”

What are your fashion/fitness pet peeves?

“Bra’s straps/Coloured Bra’s – There’s nothing worse that a visible bra strap, especially when it’s a bright colour, or generally a bra on show. To me it just screams scruffiness, and I just hate the look of it!!

“Scouse brows – I agree that eye brow pencils are saviors, but some girls take it too far. Overdrawn eyebrows can really ruin a face, I think there should be some kind of stencil law we should all stick to.”

What couldn’t you live without?

Instagram – It’s the root of my inspiration. I love nothing more than a picture to tell a story. The beauty of instagram is like a mini blog in itself. And of course the filters can be very flattering!”

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Not only does the Fashion to Fit blog appeal to women but the bloggers have also targeted the male population with their ‘30 secrets a man needs to know now post’…if I were you lads, I would take notes!

Now if you have reached the end of this article and still have not followed these girls on social media and flicked through the Fashion to Fit blog then I suggest you follow the link below immediately!

Follow the girls on Twitter for updates and top tips for all things fashion and fitness.

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