Bournemouth band Air Traffic are back after 10 year hiatus


Ten years after the release of their critically acclaimed album ‘Fractured Life’ Bournemouth’s very own Air Traffic are back.

With the new single ‘Almost Human’ released recently, exciting times lie in wait for the band and their faithful fans. Nerve’s Thomas Paddock had a chat with the Drummer David Jordan.

It’s been 10 years since Fractured Life came out…..where has the time gone ?

It has gone quickly, it feels like yesterday and a lot has changed in 10 years. Look at Facebook now! But we don’t feel old and people are still discovering albums organically, which is good.

What’s the best venue you’ve ever played at? 

I think it’d be any of the gigs in Europe. I feel like you’re more looked after there, there are nice back stage areas. But London gigs are always really cool too.

Who are the band influenced by?

A lot of artists, you know? Supergrass, Blur, Radiohead, Weezer, the Pixies, The Beach Boys and The Who are just a few I can think of. We like music that’s fun and upbeat, live and energetic, which is how I feel we try and play when we do live shows. We want the fans to enjoy it.

Have you missed making music?

Yeah, certain elements of it! But we’ve all had successful careers in other industries. But we have missed playing live – playing in front of fans is great and we have always loved making new material.

What is it was your favourite venue around Bournemouth?

Parkstone is always a great place, Mr Smiths was awesome, which I don’t think is around anymore sadly.  I think a lot of great venues became victim of the changes in licensing laws, which is a shame. I also love the O2 Academy in Boscombe, the sound is great and clean – bands love places like that.

Are you looking forward to releasing the new album?

Sadly, albums aren’t selling like they used to. We are definitely going to take it step by step. We our working on songs step by step as well. I think we as a band focus on Europe mainly, we have a lot of great fans out there.

Which drummers do you look up to?

I think my favourite drummer is probably Ronnie from the Killers! He’s so animated when they do shows.

Have you missed touring?

It’s such a unconventional lifestyle and I like that for a couple of weeks. It’s not like anything else, it’s fantastic and I’ve definitely missed it. I don’t want to play long tours though, four or five guys in a tour van can get quite tedious.

What can we expect from air traffic in the near future?

We have a new single out and we are going to be doing gigs again in the spring. It’s an exciting time for us! I can’t wait to play in front of our fans again.

So there we have it, Air Traffic are back with catchy tunes and hopefully some memorable gigs. Catch them at The Old Fire Station on April 12th 2018.