Biggest Track of The New Year? YOU DECIDE


Okay, so 2016 was a weird, weird year.

Think about it… okay yes, there were a lot of high profile deaths and crisis’ all around the world but that is not weird, it’s just sad, upsetting and needs to change.

No, 2016 was a really weird year. We (okay, maybe just me) mourned the death of a gorilla for far too long. People forgot that minorities mattered and we LITERALLY FLEW back in time to the 60’s where all lives just didn’t matter – crazy right!!  Oh, and then everyone started saying bone apple tea instead of bone appetite, flipping water bottles and staying absolutely still whilst a camera panned around them. You see what I mean?


Mid dissertation prep and post new year / pre new term panic, I decided to take a quick break on Facebook and came across this gem.

20 year old Bournemouth University student, Joshua Coase, may have just released one of the best songs of 2017 and we’re only 2 days in.

‘Wasp on My Cheesecake’ is an uptempo banger that talks about the tragic moment when a wasp… landed on his *whispers* cheesecake.

According to this BuzzFeed article written by Nerve’s Ashleigh Kybert, he was at a BBQ with a couple of friends and as they were about to enjoy a lemon cheesecake for dessert, the alleged wasp came and unknowingly provided him with the inspiration for this New Year anthem.

Question is, does the BU student have potential to become THE hit of 2017?

Realistically, someone like Beyoncé or Coldplay will release a massive surprise album and dominate the year but hey, for now, lets enjoy what we have.

In Joshua’s case, no cheesecake.