Some BIG Names Are Coming to Bestival


So, you’ve probably seen this plastered all over Bournemouth and heard about it from every other music lover BUT Bestival is making itself pretty comfortable in it’s new location in Dorset. Lulworth Castle to be precise. We were sold the second we heard ‘castle’ to be honest.

So if you’re currently sat at home and in the weird middle ground of missing everyone at university but also quite happy having regular meals at no expense at home, do NOT worry. It’s alright. We understand you and you are going to get through this. We imagine pretty much everyone and their next door neighbours will be at Bestival so we thought we might as well give you a quick rundown on the people to look out for whilst there to either get you in the mood or tempt you to splash some cash on a ticket.

1. The XX

Serving us sounds of summer, The XX shook up the charts with their first release in four years. “I See You” is that album that you listen to whilst the sun’s out, your neighbours are throwing a barbecue and you’re wallowing in your student debt.

2. Kurupt FM

Now these guys are a Nerve favourite. If you’ve never seen an episode of People Just Do Nothing on BBC Three than we suggest you do that now. Built on the premise of pirate garage radio personalities, Kurupt FM are definitely one to catch at Besti.

3. A Tribe Called Quest

This one’s for the real music genius’ out there. A Tribe Called Quest ARE old school hip hop. We’re talking real old school. As in boomboxes and shell toes old school.


Grime is having such a come up right now. With the likes of newcomers such as Stormzy and Cadet to older pioneers such as brothers, Skepta and JME, lets not forget the GODFATHER of grime.

5. Jamie T

When there’s no one left to fight? Another great British artist (see what we did there?) will be making an appearance at the festival so enjoy this nostalgic anthem.

6. Fatman Scoop

This one is definitely for anyone growing up in the naughties. Fatman Scoop was, and still is, know for being pretty much one of the most iconic hype man in the game. This song (by a previous Bestival headliner and all round legend) is just straight up fire.

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