Spooktacular: Spooky Tunes

Nocturnal Halloween Shrine at Crossbones

In need of some spooky tunes?

Waiting for Halloween can feel like forever. Days will pass very slow, so you need to somehow find a way of killing this dreadful time and what any other way could be better to alleviate the stress and impatience than listening to a good playlist? So, whether you’re busy counting down the days, planning where you will get your costume from or how you are going to dress up, here are some of our top picks for a spooky soundtrack that will get you in the mood for Halloween.

1.The one that’ll get you into that ghostly-like feeling to start of

Thriller – Michael Jackson

It’s one of those 90s bangers and one of Michael Jackson’s best-known songs. Scary, creepy, with mystical creatures such as vampires, witches and werewolves involved, this song is just perfect for Halloween lovers. The music video makes any zombie costume look inferior and all the people are singing together which just simply boost up your mood and makes you sing along and maybe try and keep up with the dance moves? Okay, maybe I went too far with the last one, but you get the idea. At this moment you’re already feeling like the day will come faster.

2. The one where you don’t regret taking bad decisions

Highway to Hell – ACDC

Now it’s time for you to feel a little bit mischievous and not feel guilty for it. You’ll sing to the lyrics of the song and feel like you can have the world at your little finger in a second. It will bring out the careless, nasty, unkind inner personality of yourself that’s been hiding there for some time now and you won’t care if anyone will get upset about it. I mean it’s their problem, you’re just feeling yourself, right?

3. The one where you feel like you don’t fear anything anymore

The Monster – Rihanna feat. Eminem

This hip-hop /rap hit that was released in 2013 is still a classic that makes us all feel like nothing can scare us anymore. Our biggest fears are just challenges for us at this point and we are invincible. This was one of Rihanna’s best hip hop hits as its melodic line was able to reach to each and every one of us at that time. So, sit back, listen and just feel superior towards those frightful monsters that ‘’sleep under your bed’’ at night for once in your life.

4. The one where you just take a break

Carousel – Melanie Martinez

After all these excitement and confidence, you need to take a break. This is a song with a slower beat compared to the others, so it gives you time to breath and just listen to it while doing any of your university work or while looking for the perfect accessories that’ll go well with your costume. It will still keep you in the mood, but it will just be more on the subtly creepy part.

5. The one that makes you feel like Halloween is today

This is Halloween – written by Danny Elfman

This last song will get you jumping up and down, along with the beat, again. For all Halloween lovers out there, you know this is the best song to end a playlist. And that’s because even if it’s from an animated movie, we still all love it. It’s perfect because it’s that song that makes it sound fun, exciting, and the chorus makes you feel like everyone is feeling as happy as you are right now because Halloween is coming.

There’s not long to wait, so get your spook on!