Being Alone on Valentine’s Day Shouldn’t Be Lonely

sophia loren

The first single Valentine’s Day after a relationship can be a little tough when everyone around you seems to have plans or someone to spend it with. Hannah Gibbins shares how to spend Valentines alone, but make it a little less lonely.

Even when I have a significant other I am adamant that I do not want to celebrate Valentine’s Day. For some reason I really just hate it. However, the first Valentine’s Day alone after you’ve been in a relationship can sometimes be a little tough when it’s being rubbed in your face from every angle. I think the idea is more daunting; all my mates are going to be out, so that evening I am definitely going to have to eat a whole tub of ice cream and watch a really bad film. It can be a hard time, but spending Valentine’s Day alone should not be lonely.

Make Plans

Firstly, I recommend making plans for the day before or after Valentine’s Day with your friends. Head down to the beach for the sunset and then stay in for dinner. The 13th is a great excuse to get all your friends together and make a big Bolognese that is super quick, easy and cheap. If you’ve got some vegan friends then grab some veggies and chickpeas and add some fajita seasoning then everyone can help themselves, guacamole and vegan creme fraiche included! Everyone can bring a different element and you can all cook together while listening to Nerve’s Galentine’s Pre-Drinks Playlist. Afterwards keep the TV off, grab a bottle of wine and play some card games while listening to music. Spending quality time with people is super important, and the charity shops in Winton are always carrying old board games or a pack of cards. Or make your own Twister with some paper – it might not last long, but it will be fun! On Valentine’s Day you’ll be content that you had a great night last night spending time with all of your friends, or you’ll have the night after to look forward to. If you have some like-minded pals, you might even want to consider getting together on the 14th to do this.

Spend Some Time Alone

Next I recommend you plan what you’re going to do that evening. Grab yourself something really nice for dinner that you might not normally buy yourself because it’s a little more spenny or on the naughty side. Steak and chips or something from Waitrose (I know you pass it every time you go to Lidl). Head to the gym and then have a bath while you watch a film (wine optional, but a nice touch). Get a face mask and listen to some great music while you slap on some fake tan for no one but yourself. Planning out your evening means you’ll have something to look forward to and you’ll be doing things you really enjoy. You won’t even notice what day it is.

After a relationship it’s super important that you learn to be alone. It’s not a bad thing to be able to enjoy your own company and being happy doing this is really rewarding. Spending nights like this are a great way to spend time on your own but be doing things at the same time, rather than lying in bed eating hummus out of the pot as you click “Play next episode” over and over again. While they’re a great Valentine’s treat/distraction, it’s worth doing this every few weeks to refresh your mind and hang out with you! A great book to read about spending time with yourself is What A Time To Be Alone, a book that you can read whether you’re single or not. It’s a great way to get in tune with you.

Get Out of the House

Alternatively you might want to head out with some friends. You could all grab dinner, although lots of places have Valentines set menus which can be a bit more costly. You could head for some drinks at Aruba or Smoking Aces and end up on one of the many nights out that are on offer this Thursday. If you want to do something a little different you could head to Mulligan’s to play some crazy golf. The possibilities are endless.

Whatever you do, enjoy the time that you have. Whether you’re giving yourself some attention or you’re sharing the evening with some friends, the evening is a good time to pour energy and love into whatever you do. It might also teach you to get out and do some new things. Regardless, don’t spend the evening wallowing and lonely, even if you’re alone.

Nerve has so many recommendations about what to do this Valentine’s Day, whether you’re spending it with a significant other, with friends or solo. Check out #valentinesday to get some ideas!