Beach University: Sustainability for Bournemouth’s Beach

Words by Geraldine Buckland

Beach University has a focus on creating a sustainable future for Bournemouth & the UK. Their event on March 25th boasted sustainable everything on the UK’s top beach and they hope for the mindset to be embraced by people far and wide.

Hi from Beach University!

We are a group of 7 MSc Events Management students at Bournemouth University since January 2019. On 25 March our initiative to bring academic learning outside of the classroom and promote sustainable living came to life in the shape of Beach University, a 3-hour livestreamed event held at PierView Room on Boscombe Seafront.

Photos from Beach University on Facebook.

The event’s aim was to allow Bournemouth University students and project management professionals to present their work and network outside of university grounds in our natural environment. We are lucky to live by the UK’s number 1 beach, so why not make the most of it?

The event involved a Walk & Talk from the EBC to PierView Room with team building activities on the beach, followed by lunch, student presentations on ‘Developing new competencies for responsible project management’, a guest speaker session by a professional coach and project manager and a prize giving ceremony by the Project Management Institute to reward the best student presentations given on the day. We concluded Beach University with a meditation session on Boscombe Beach listening to the soothing sound of waves.

Photos from Beach University on Facebook

Our main focus in the organisation of Beach University was to keep everything sustainable, from our materials and decorations to the lunch served. We used paper made from 100% recycled waste fibres, biodegradable plates, napkins made of recycled paper and compostable bio disposable cups and purchased fresh fruit from our local organic farm shop in Winton. We also sought sponsors who shared our values: rCUP and Revolucia, both companies who make products with a zero-waste approach. rCUP kindly provided us two of their fabulous reusable coffee cups made from used paper cups, which we gave away at the end of an online competition. Revolucia, a Bulgarian company created by a lovely BU alumni to offer alternatives to harmful plastic disposable items generously sent us sets of bamboo straws, stainless steel straws and plantable cards which we used as thank you gifts for our participants.

Photos from Beach University on Facebook.

We cannot wait to see Beach University repeated in the future, not only for BU students but also beyond, as it is a concept that can be embraced by any university by the beach, UK and worldwide, and we think our sustainable message is so important today!

Beach University will be part of the Responsible Project Management Conference at BU from the 1st to the 3rd of July 2019.