KPOP Night: As If It’s Your Last


The Nepalese society and kpop society are collaborating together to put together a night full of your favourite KPop, Hip Hop, Ne-Hop and Bollywood which will have you dancing As If It’s Your Last.

Tonight at 10pm, The Old Fire Station will be putting on Bournemouth’s biggest Asian club night of the year! The night will be hosted by BU’s Nepalese Society, in collaboration with Kpop Society and DJ Society and will be playing all your favourite Asian genres.

Tonight will feature artists from all over Asia, including BTS and Yama Buddha, EXO and TWICE.

You’re sure to be on your feet dancing all night, and we can’t wait to share this night with you!

You can grab tickets online for £5, or at the door for £8. I would hurry, before they sell out!