Applications for Nerve Magazine’s 2019-20 committee NOW OPEN!


Applications for the 2019-20 Nerve Magazine committee are now open!

The applications are open until Sunday 31st March 2019, and you can apply by filling in the file attached and returning to either George McMillan or Ryan Evans via email.

The committee is restructuring next year, with a re-named ‘Head of Design’ role and brand new ‘Head of Social Media’ role.

DOWNLOAD APPLICATION FORM HERE: Nerve Mag 19-20 application form

The full list of positions available are:

  • Editor-in-Chief
  • Deputy Editor
  • Head of Design
  • Head of Social Media – Magazine
  • Features Editor
  • Fashion & Lifestyle Editor
  • Debates Editor
  • Entertainment Editor
  • Sports Editor

Responsibilities for Editor-in-Chief

  • In charge of deciding vision of magazine for the year.
  • Brings new and exciting ideas.
  • Look through previous year to eliminate any issues and builds from it.
  • Converges with other Heads for opportunities to collaborate as Nerve Media.
  • In charge of managing budget.
  • Converses with SUBU constantly.
  • Signs off all content.
  • Essentially – responsible for anything and everything that’s published in the Mag and takes the bullet for anything that goes wrong.

Responsibilities for Deputy Editor

  • Number 2 in the committee.
  • Works with EIC on content ideas and overall theme of each issue.
  • Helps EIC collect content from Section Editors.
  • Crucial to ensuring balanced workload between Nerve/Uni work.
  • Depending on relationship, will swap roles with EIC and take over when EIC is unavailable.
  • Crucial to have good working relationship with EIC.

Responsibilities for Head of Design

  • Develops flat plan in conjunction with EIC/Deputy.
  • Works closely with EIC to ensure a common vision for Mag.
  • Manages design workload across a team of designers – need to recruit a new team.
  • Gets involved with design work.
  • Works with SUBU to get adverts and other content.
  • Checks final copy of magazine for design/writing errors.
  • Submits to SUBU for printing.

Responsibilities for Head of Social Media

  • NEW ROLE FOR 2019-20
  • Instead of having multiple social media outputs, Nerve will be having one converged social media presence.
  • Each committee will have a Head of Social Media, and work together to give Nerve a singular brand, rather than each department having its own.
  • Roles will be to work with the Mag committee to keep an updated social presence for the whole cycle in line with Nerve brand.

Responsibilities for Section Editors

  • Develop content ideas
  • Pitch these at meetings
  • Engage with writers and assign articles
  • Collect content
  • Sub-edit content
  • Submit content
  • Act as link between writers and committee

Applications close on Sunday 31st March 2019, for more information or to submit your application form, email Editor-in-Chief George McMillan ( or Deputy Editor Ryan Evans (