Amy Lawton – Coffee House Sessions


This year we welcome back Coffee House Sessions at our very own Dylan’s. These weekly gigs kicked off with Amy Lawton this Tuesday and Nerve was there to take it all in.

Amy Lawton started off the session with a bang with her original song, Turn Around. We were instantly reminded of an old Taylor Swift, don’t we all miss that innocent Taylor pre-heartbreak? Lawton was supported by another band member on percussion adding a new rhythmic element to the music along with her magnificent shoes. She was the perfect mix to add to Dylan’s chilled out vibe, and this charm was further enhanced when she traded her guitar in for the ukulele.

Amy Lawton for Coffee House Sessions. Credit: Taisiia Vaskivska

Lawton’s vibes drew from country music to pop and this was a really nice collision of genre creating a very individual and original style. When watching her, I felt that her music was very similar to that created by awesome artists such as Kate Nash and Amy MacDonald, bringing together the best of both worlds in her music.

The songs that she played seemed to be very nostalgic and summery in their tone and I could certainly see them being played at major Indie festivals such as Barn On the Farm. They were all very love-related which is very chilled out and perfect for playlists. The music that Lawton brought to Dylan’s felt like something for the current generation, relating to everybody somehow. Although a quiet and contained artist, Lawton was a pleasure to watch and her sweet music kept you engaged the whole time. Her style is very current and edgy once again drawing in vibes from country stereotypes and seemed quite Nashville.

As her first time in Bournemouth, we hope she enjoyed Dylan’s and the warm welcome the students gave her and at least she was guaranteed a tasty burger at the end of it. But we hope she got to experience the beauty that is Bournemouth beach and it wasn’t just limited to our campus.

Amy Lawton’s new song “Don’t Bring Louise” is due to be released soon so look out for that! Don’t forget to follow Lawton on social media:

Facebook: @amylawtonmedia
Twitter: @amylawtonmusic
Instagram: amylawtonmusic
Youtube: Amy Lawton

Next week for Coffee House Sessions: Matt Carstens & Germein, 9th October, 3-4pm