Amber Run at The Old Fire Station


Thursday night saw indie-rock three-piece Amber Run take to the Old Fire Station stage.
Supported by the charming Stereo Honey, the gig started off strong. Amber Run frontman
Joshua Keogh bounded onto stage, immediately captivating the tough Bournemouth
During a long instrumental of their first song- Neon Circus- Keogh addressed the crowd,
encouraging them to interact with the band. The atmosphere was relaxed in casual with
Keogh, beer in hand, chatting to the room like they were old friends.
The band sounded just as good live as their recorded tracks, and they dotted newer songs in
with older fan -favourites to keep the crown interested throughout their hour-long set.
Mid way through the gig, Keogh quietened down the crowd, announcing that it was time for
what he described as ‘sad-boy hour’. Sharing a touching story about his grandfather who
had recently passed away, and how it was the inspiration for this next song, the band then
played a heart-wrenching rendition of song ‘Amen,’ to almost pin-drop silence from the
As the band left the stage at the end of their set, the crowd was enthusiastic for an encore –
the band obliged and they performed three more songs including one of their most popular
– ‘I Found.’
All in all, the gig was a success. Keogh, along with the members of support act Stereo Honey,
were out the front of the venue, selling merch and greeting fans as they left for the evening
– with the band and fans all ending their evenings on a high.