Album Review: Tom Chaplin’s ‘The Wave’


Tom Chaplin may not be a name you’re too familiar with but you’ve definitely heard his voice, perhaps a little too much if like me you’re a noughties child.

Chaplin is of course the lead singer of Keane who provided us with the hits ‘Everybody’s changing’ and ‘Somewhere only we know’ which was most recently covered by Lilly Allen for the John Lewis Xmas Advert in 2013. With Keane on the back burner, Tom Chaplin is ready to put his solo stamp on the world with his debut album ‘The Wave.’

It’s a new sound that works very well and is really accessible for Keane fans and new fans alike

Not too far away from the sound of Keane the wave is set up against an orchestral backdrop of supporting guitars, keyboards and drums but with more production on Chaplin’s voice. One thing is clear The Keane frontman knows how to write a catchy chorus. The opening track ‘still waiting’ is a prime example with its towering vocal and accessible melody. The mood of the album is dark with its lyrics focusing on addiction and loss, Tom Chaplin has a history of drug abuse and you can really hear his pain in the album.

Tracks like ‘worthless words’ really delve into deep emotions cutting the air in the room. A lot of confidence can be heard through Tom’s voice especially in the stand out song ‘quicksand,’ a song that builds to a happy ending. The album similarly builds to the title track giving listeners the feeling that they’ve reached the third act in a West End play.

Overall this Album can be seen as a step out of the shadows for Keane’s frontman. It’s a new sound that works very well and is really accessible for Keane fans and new fans alike. I was glad the album didn’t try to relive what could be called the glory days of Keane and was a step in a new direction. The album also had similarities to Brit Award winner Tom Odell, so fans of his music will feel at home with Chaplin’s latest sound.

‘The Wave’ is available to purchase now via universal records