Album Review: Demi Lovato – Tell Me You Love Me

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato’s sixth studio album ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ is a foray into the R&B genre, taking influence from artists such as Christina Aguilera and Kehlani. It hits all the right notes.

Lovato returns to what she does best, making music, having taken a short break earlier this year. Her comeback, included collaborations with English DJ Jax Jones, ‘Instruction’, and American electronic trio Cheat Codes  No Promises’.

Both topped charts worldwide, with Demi later releasing solo tracks including  ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ and ‘Sorry Not Sorry’. You would be mistaken for thinking that ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ would be a pure pop album. Demi instead delves into a genre that almost seems destined for her, R&B.

The title track, Tell Me You Love Me, is the absolute ballad of the album. Dramatic, slow-building verses bring us to the chorus, where horns complement the powerful chorus brilliantly. The gospel-inspired track is a plea for affection, with emotionally-driven lyrics discussing some form of break up. It is a real standout and a rightfully chosen title track.

A central theme throughout the album is love; and being addicted to a certain someone as in Sexy Dirty Love, an energetic track that showcases Demi’s vocal range, with influences drawing from the pop and electronic genre.

Lovato also explores themes of self-confidence and falling head over heals for an ex-lover with slower and more soulful tracks such as You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore. Many have pointed towards Demi’s ex Wilmer Valderrama (That 70’s Show) as the inspiration behind the song. Speculations about a potential romance that blossomed with Nick Jonas are explored in Ruin The Friendship, although Lovato is yet to confirm or deny whether such rumour is true.

The only collaboration in the album is with Lil Wayne, an artist who Lovato has admired since their collaboration How to Love back in 2011.  Lonely is among the slower, more downbeat of songs on the album. The lyrics have a very heartfelt tone to them, however, the instrumental feels a bit bland and Lil Wayne’s verse feels slightly out of place on the record.

Ruin The Friendship and You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore are standouts of the album blending R&B with Lovato’s signature vocals. Ruin the Friendship has an upbeat jazz vibe, while You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore is a slow, dramatic track that complaints Lovato’s message about falling out of love with someone.

Tell Me You Love Me is a very self-aware, mature record from Demi Lovato. Voice and talent sums up this fine masterpiece. Every single song is delivered with such finesse, confidence and power. Lovato knows exactly what she wants from her music career and R&B seems to be the perfect direction for her.