A Revolutionary New Year

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With every New Year that rolls around the idea that we should somehow revolutionise our lives comes back with a vengeance.

Stop this, do that, don’t, do, run, jump – it all seems a little impossible. January isn’t the favourite month for very many of us. The weather is never particularly fun and the mood is just as grey as the sky. Why it then seems like a good idea to take away all your comforts, I don’t know.

Every New Year’s Resolution that I have made that goes along the lines of ‘stop eating chocolate’ or ‘go running every day’, has always failed before February. Not always the case, I know – if you’re one of the committed ones and your resolutions stick, then a round of applause to you. I’m not in that category unfortunately.

It’s a slightly strange notion to change something in your life for the sake of it, rather than something you actually want to change. I was never really that fussed about running every day or changing my diet, and it occurred to me that I could use this “New Year New You” for something much more positive and probably more rewarding. Using the turn of the year as a cleansing process is understandable and comforting (especially when January 1st was a Monday), so why not use it to change your mind-set a little.

Instead of starting a specific new hobby or changing a specific thing in your diet, why not make it broader? Do more things that make you happy. Sing loudly in the shower every day, go and look at the stars every night, or go for a run if it’s running you love. You ought to do these things because you WANT to, not because you feel like January means you have to. If you make the resolution broader, you make it much more attainable and not half as daunting.

Do something every day that makes you feel confident, change your hair or your shoes or repeat a happy quote. Make more of an effort to try and be more positive, smile more often and listen to your favourite song. It’s easier, that way, to have a New Year’s resolution that isn’t overwhelming and seemingly impossible. It also lets you change something for a positive, that you would hopefully carry on through every new year that comes around again.

So, here’s hoping this New Year’s new you is happy, prosperous and sticks to a positive resolution. Perhaps try again with the running when the weather is nicer and the summer has come around.