A Day in the Life of an Ibiza Placement


In the midst of the dreaded deadline slog, it’s hardly surprising that our minds have drifted to thoughts of sun, sea, and sand. Whilst we are wishing January away with long-lost thoughts of the summer, Khianna Smith is here to tell us about her dreamy placement in the beautiful island of Ibiza. If your revision didn’t seem boring enough, it’s about to get a whole lot duller.

Edited by Emma Orlando 

How did it all begin?

I got to explore the island when I wasn’t working

The placement was spent on behalf of my 10-month industrial placement towards my Events and Marketing degree. Although the process of gaining the internship was painful it was totally worth it. Embarking on my exciting adventure on the 1st of June, I spent 3 days driving to Ibiza. Following this with 8-hour boat journeys and an overnight stay in Barcelona, I finally arrived! And from there, it only got better. I  started working for Sankey’s Ibiza, the club put forward to be the 16th best club in the world. It feels amazing to say I was involved in making this happen!

What did the job entail?

My first initial job role was a social media assistant. Then, after 2 months, I was put forward into a bigger role of a Logistics assistant of the company. This has now lead to my decision in career choice! I was one of five people working in the social media team, in which we had certain nights and brands that we focused on the most.  These included Redlight, Dance 88/89, Unusual Suspects, Abode, Tribal Sessions and Viva warriors. I spent most of my time working with Tribal sessions. We spent the days controlling the brands social media platforms, scheduling daily posts, interviews, blogs, content curation and getting in touch with their agents.

But it gets even better! Saturday nights in Ibiza was spent down the club. Live films were created for every social platform, every hour. I was able to meet and greet different DJ’s including Miguel Campbell, Steve Lawler, Josh Butler, Antor. The list is literally endless. I would carry out live interviews on the night of their show and make sure they were having a good time!

Working with Sankey’s resident Steve Lawler

How did the job progress?

As time went on, I was then able to mix up my job role. All whilst still carrying out some social media. I started doing the logistics side of the company, which I really enjoyed. I loved being the person to organise and prepare the club and the DJ’s for each night we were open.

Meet Sankeys the Dog! He was the face of Sankeys Ibiza and Tribal sessions

Although my hours were scattered throughout the week, it was totally worth it.

I had to draw up driving schedules so that every angle for the DJ was covered. Whether that was picking them up at the airport or going to the club on the night of the event, I was the main point of contact for them. Daily club itineraries were also sent out so that everyone working for the club was aware of the set times, tech and hospitality riders, promoter and contact numbers for each of the DJ’s. Further to that, I had to send out around 30 separate itineraries for each performing DJ, customised to their unique needs. Developing my logistics role, I had to send pay and invoice DJ’s agents/management, restaurant bills, book their flights, book the hotel rooms, send off their personal guest lists. Visiting the Sankey’s luxury villa once a week was also on my to-do list, preparing everything for their stay!

What about the company?

The company were very good to their employees, especially my manager Ed. He would take us out for weekly meals and do socials with VIP access at offer nightclubs, including Ibiza rocks and Amnesia. For some extra money, Sankeys also enabled me to work with the promotions team, selling guest-list to tourists. This was really helpful and good to meet new people over there.

Working alongside the production team for extra promotion and marketing for our Social media page.

To sum up the experience?

The experience that I have gained from it has opened up lots of opportunities for me around the world. Every second I spent there I was networking and building my connections in the music and events industry.

The whole 6 months I spent there, I couldn’t actually tell you one bad thing about working out there.

Well actually, missing out on some of the parties because of the 10-6 job role, Monday to Thursday and Saturday night commitment wasn’t great. But there’s plenty of parties to go around!

Where do we sign up?

If anyone would like to find out more information about my placement or would like to apply for this role next year, please get in touch, Sankeys Ibiza is always looking for fresh new people to join the team. Especially those with an interest in marketing and music.

They now also have clubs in Manchester, Tokyo, New York. And they have just opened up one in Essex and Birmingham! So you don’t even have to set off into the sunset to get a taste of the Ibiza life!

Abode Promotions at Radio one weekend Ushuaia

If you want any more info, or anymore pictures than please go to my Instagram: nocturnalessence

https://maharabu.bournemouth.ac.uk/view/view.php?id=64162 -> Mahara portfolio of the placement.

Placement was 5 months long and ended in November