92 year old woman at risk of being deported by the Home Office


Myrtle Cothill, a 92 year old widow is at risk of being deported back to South Africa and is battling to stay in Britain with her only daughter.

As of yet she has won a ‘stay of execution’ after the cancellation of her planned deportation by the Home Office came as a result of considerable public outcry.

She is currently being looked after by her only daughter, Mary Wills in the coastal town of Poole, as she suffers from heart problems, cannot walk without support and is losing her vision.

Initially, the immigration enforcement office had booked Cothill on a flight to Johannesburg on Tuesday evening, however, the flight was delayed, as the Home Office has given her family more time to prove their claims in which they state due to her poor health, it is unsuitable for her to travel and continue caring for herself in South Africa.

In response to this, her daughter Mary Wills made a comment to the Press Association that the family are delighted as it has been a long, hard road to get to this point.Photographs of mother and daughter

She went on to comment about the situation where she stated that she did not think her mum would be able to cope on the flight back, asking the question that where would she go upon her arrival at Johannesburg airport.
Furthermore, Cothill no longer has anyone to look after her in South Africa as most of her friends have passed away and does not have any family there.

It has also been suggested that Cothill’s daughter travel to South Africa as well in order to care for her mother.

However she states that she is a British passport holder and does not have the right to live in the country.

Will’s also cares for her husband, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease.

The situation with Myrtle Cothill has caused a public outcry and disgust at the Home Office considering to forcibly remove her at such an old age and fragile state.