9 things you’ll find out once at Bournemouth Uni


It’s results day and you’ve done it! You’re officially coming to BU in September! We’re hoping you’re already excited, but to get that ball rolling we’ve come up with a few things to prepare you for September.

1) The beach is beautiful

It’s the thing that most people think of when you say you live in Bournemouth. But I’m sorry to tell you that it’ll probably be the thing you visit the least when living here. But on that one day of the year which is unbearably hot you’ll rush down with a towel and some frozen Kopparberg pouches, so you have that to look forward to.

2) The bus drivers (mainly on the U1) become your friends

It’s true, especially in first year when you’re probably travelling from Lansdowne to Talbot every day. You’ll learn their faces, possibly their names and will definitely have a chat with them now and again.

3) Card charges on campus suck

I’m a third year and I still don’t understand why they’re different depending on where you are. Some of the Starbucks’ on campus will charge you 30p for using a card if you’re spending under £5, but the Costa in the Media School doesn’t and I’m not sure the Starbucks in the Atrium does either? Y tho?


There’s a rivalry. A really clear one. You have no choice but to pick a side. I think one of the most awkward moments of my life was telling people what I studied whilst at an AUB party…

5) On campus events are pretty cool

There are often special events on campus and a lot of the time they involve free food, or just free stuff in general! There might be poster sales, vintage sales, a mini marketplace for food and much more.

6) Halls judgement

This is actually a thing. You’ll assume that anyone who lives in Dorchester halls is rich, anyone who got into Cranborne must be cool, Purbeck is just for people who love to party and if you’re in Lyme then you’re apparently a Cranborne reject.

7) Freshers is expensive

And the queues are horrific. I’m sure you all want to take part and have probably bought the overpriced wrist bands but honestly, your best nights out will be when it’s quietened down and is much cheaper.


This is one to brag about. Yes, we have a mini festival as an end of year celebration. Think fancy dress, cheap alcohol and line ups that have included Sigma, Chase and Status, Stormzy, DJ Fresh and My Nu Leng.

9) No, we’re not Russell Group

People might judge and act like they’re superior but Bournemouth Uni will succeed your expectations and I promise that you will have the time of your life!

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