7 Beauty Tips That’ll Help Hide Your Hangover


It’s inevitable that most of you will have to go somewhere with a hangover at some point in your lives. Whether that be a lecture, work or maybe even a really important family event…

So I’m here to enlighten you with my top tips on hiding a hangover (not that I’m becoming really skilled at it mum – if you’re reading this).

Hangover gif

1. White eyeliner

We’re starting off with my top tip, and just to warn you, they will get progressively worse. White or flesh coloured eyeliner is your saviour when it comes to hiding the fact you were dancing to S Club in Vinyl until 4am. Apply it to your waterline and your eyes instantly look brighter, making everyone believe that you’re definitely awake and not feeling like a zombie at all.

2.  Bright lipstick

Combine this with the white eyeliner and you really will look hangover free (well, pretty much). Put on a bright lipstick, I’d go for a red or hot pink, and it will detract the attention away from the bags under your eyes. My personal favourites are the Soft Matte Lip Creams from NYX. Affordable and long lasting!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

3. Colour correcting

This is a big step, but it really does help. If you have time, and the products, attempt to colour correct your face before applying a lightweight foundation and you’ll see a drastic improvement. Try out a yellow primer to correct blue or purple undertones, especially dark circles. Purple will correct yellow tones and green neutralises red. Give it a go!

4. Concealer
Your new best friend. Well, my best friend all of the time because I stay up watching Netflix far too often. Concealer obviously conceals, which is exactly what you want when hungover. Even better if you have a concealer that is a shade lighter than your foundation, as this really brightens the eye area too. Apply it in an upside down triangle shape under your eye and watch that hangover disappear (from your face… You probably will still feel pretty awful). For a cheap and effective product, try Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer.


5. Cucumber

You’re going to be tired, and there’s nothing more relaxing than de-puffing your eyes. If you haven’t got any fancy gels then stick to a natural method like cucumber. A quick ten minute lie down with cucumber on your eyes will work wonders – however I can’t promise that it won’t send you back to sleep.

6. Dry shampoo

A festival essential, a backcombing essential and most definitely a hangover essential. Instantly refreshed hair, combined with your bright lips and concealed eyes, you could probably get away with going to an awards ceremony and not looking out of place. Probably.

7. Getting on with it

So none of my previous tips have worked, you have to be at your lecture/workplace/family event in less than 30 minutes and you’re reading this article rather than fixing yourself up. This is when you give up. Everyone gets hungover. Hey, it’s a great conversation starter! So shove on your comfiest clothes and get on with it… Good luck.

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