6 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For a Student Budget

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Surviving the time before the April loan is a challenge for every student. You’ve cut down on the nights out, your food shop consists of only the essentials and that summer holiday you are desperate for is nothing more than wishful thinking. We can barely afford to treat ourselves, each three times a day, or have an evening of heating. But, that doesn’t mean Mother’s Day should go ignored. Mum’s affection can’t be bought with money, so your appreciation for it shouldn’t either. Need some ideas that show how much you care? Here are 6 ideas for an affordable Mother’s Day.

1.Beauty treatment

Every mum deserves some time to relax. Whilst treatments are typically pretty pricey, Groupon is here to save the day once again. Splashing out just £15 could give your mum exactly what she needs this Mother’s Day. Think of it this way, one week of missing out on Vinyl is all it takes to put a smile on your mums face for a while (feel guilty about all the money spent on VK’s yet?).

2. Make a hamper

A hamper is a great way to give someone little bits of what they love in one big gift. Typically, they can be expensive for what they are. But, they don’t have to be. Grab some cellophane (try G&T’s), spend a few pennies on some little essentials (think candles, chocolate, hand cream) and tie it all together with a big bow. It might be effortless, but it will look spectacular.

3. Capture a moment

Is your mum guilty of flooding every room in your house with pictures? (There’s really no escaping that bowl cut is there?) Then a photo could be the perfect present. Unlike the controversial pricey printing at uni, there are actually some affordable options available. Take a look at Snapfish, currently offering 40% off on the site, and you could have a nice photo book, canvas or calendar without breaking the bank.

4. Give back

Mum’s really are the ultimate superheroes. There’s no doubt there’s probably an awful lot your mum has done for you. Want to say thank-you for it? Then give to her what she has given to you. Cook her a meal, get all the washing done, look after a sibling for the day. This way she knows that you actually appreciate what she does (every mum has used the “you don’t appreciate me line”!). Plus, it costs nothing but your time and effort.

5. Handmake a gift

It worked when you were 5, why can’t it now? Put your handprint in a frame, draw a picture of her on a card or fill a pot with sand. At the very least she will appreciate your humour, even if your hand isn’t quite as cute as it was when you were a child. Desperate bank funds call for desperate measures!

6. Gift of time

We are all guilty of being too busy to give our old mum a call. If nothing else, make time for your mum on Mother’s Day. Whether it’s going home, bringing her to uni or dedicating time for a long Skype. Sending time to catch up with you will be what your mum appreciates the most.