#5ForFreshers: Things To Do In Bournemouth When It’s Raining


We’ve already had the rain pour down at Fresher’s Fair and drench us all whilst we helplessly tried to get those freebies. And I don’t doubt it that a tonne of students just stayed wrapped up in bed and missed out on joining all the amazing societies Bournemouth has to offer *cough* Nerve.

Whilst cosying up in bed with your favourite treats sounds more than ideal, Bournemouth has got several things to offer to keep you occupied and dry when it’s hit by the rain. Even if you’re a beach enthusiast, you may want to take cover when the rain inevitably comes.

1. Oceanarium

This gem is located on the seafront offering the public an experience around the waters of the world, with recreated habitats like the Mediterranean, the Great Barrier Reef and the Amazon. If you’re a fan of wildlife, then this aquarium is the perfect way to spend a rainy day. Be a part of the adventure and find Nemo and Dory, have a staring competition at Crocodile Rocks, watch the penguins get up to mischief at feed time and walk the underwater tunnel where you’ll be surrounded by sharks and turtles. Only £8.95 online with your student card but look out for the special local offers they do, too.

2. Laser Quest

The ultimate party place or seminar social, situated around the corner from Cameo, Laser Quest offers 20 minutes of pure exhilaration. The rules are pretty simple: you gain points by ‘zapping’ another player with your gun and you lose points every time you’re the victim of this laser beam. There’s opportunities to hide and jump out on your enemy through the selection of ramps and castle towers in the maze. After each game, the points are displayed. This is when you discover who of your friends are incredibly competitive and which ones are sore losers. The perfect student deal is available on Tuesday at 6pm, 3 games for £7.


3. Escape Rooms

There’s a selection to choose from in Bournemouth but the new favourite is Marvo Mysteries which was rated the number one fun thing to do on Trip Advisor. If you and your friends are up for a challenge then this is the top indoor experience for you guys. The aim of the game is to search for clues and solve the mystery. But there’s a time limit and I’m sure several other freaky things to throw you off too! Escape rooms require all kinds of skills from patience, to problem solving to quick thinking and team work. So, surely this can be considered as some sort of revision?

4. Tower Park

If you have the fortune of knowing someone who owns a car, or you’re up for a bit of a bus ride, then Tower Park has tonnes to offer. When it’s pouring down with rain, why not solve this problem by embracing the water and getting more wet? Splash down is the main attraction here, a water park offering a variety of 13 slides, including Mississippi River where you tumble through the rapids in donuts. And it’s not just for kids, believe me! When you’ve gone down enough slides, satisfy your hunger by taking pick of the variety of restaurants such as Chiquito’s, Nando’s and Taco Bell. If you’d rather stay dry, then Tower Park offers bowling and the cinema where you can stay cooped up away from the wet and lousy rain.

5. Bar crawl

What better way to spend a rainy day than consume the same amount of rain in alcohol form. This is one way to stay dry, only risking it for a few minutes whilst you race from one bar to the next. If you’ve seen our previous articles you’ll know Bournemouth has plenty to offer in terms of food and drink, so use the rain to your benefit and start ticking off that long list. I’m especially calling out to you Freshers!  Do it now before the rain gives you the excuse to stay in and write that dreaded dissertation!

2-4-1 at Turtle Bay

Of course, when it’s sunny there is nothing better than hanging out on the beach and having a BBQ or even a paddle, but the rain will come one day and you’ll thank us. It’s always fun and games in Bournemouth, rain or shine.