#5ForFreshers: Bournemouth’s Best Bars

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As a fresher, you’ll become very familiar with Bournemouth’s bars, but if you fancy something a bit different from Spoons or want to find a hidden gem then look no further. From quirky outside bars with jazz nights, to Kanye West mask parties, to Marvel quizzes, you’ll never be short of entertainment while you sip your bev.

60 Million Postcards,

Always a pleasure, 60

This is one of my favourites – quiz on a Sunday, great drinks and even better food with a newly jazzed up interior. They’ve installed new bike racks out the front and it makes a nice (and short) cycle to get there so you can work up an appetite for a feast. Or walk from Lansdowne through the gardens and you’ll be there in 15 minutes. Their Stranger Things and Kayne West parties are nothing short of epic.

Outside are newly installed beach huts (complete with heaters) in which you can eat one of the many burgers they have an offer, complete with an alcoholic milkshake. Just be sure to order a side of tabacco onions or a sharer portion of chips – they’re huge! Grab a craft beer and treat yourself to something better than your average pint with their craft beer residencies. You’ll discover your new tipple.

On a colder day you can rent a board game from the bar free of charge, including Cards Against Humanity and Cluedo. It’s a great place for an Instagram with murals lining every space of wall in sight. Every week you have to squeeze yourself into any space you can find as their live music events are immensely popular, but often free. You’ll find yourself asking your friends if they want to go to ’60’ far too often. You can check out the schedule and see what’s happening here.

The Dancing Moose, Bournemouth Square

The Dancing Moose is relatively new to Bournemouth Square, but it’s been in the area for a while. Expanding beyond Ashley Cross and Wimbourne, this bar has a foodie attitude with a ‘it’s happy hour somewhere’ mentality. That’s what we like.

Head here at any time of day, breakfast lunch or dinner and you’ll be greeted with a plate you’re sure to dribble over. It’s undeniable that these guys love food and they love a pint or a glass of something stronger (or three).

From Lansdowne this will take you about 10 minutes, and with that loan of yours there is no excuse to pass this one up.

Buffalo Bar, Holdenhurst Road

Beer and burgers… not bad

Relocated to Lansdowne from Winton, this music loving bar has a place in all of our hearts as it disappeared for while but came back right next to the beloved Old Fire Station. This is within 2 minutes of Purbeck, Cranbourne, Dorchester and Chesil, as well as Medeira Road Halls for AUB newbies.

Complete with pool table, a fancy upstairs and frequent live music, Buffalo Bar is a favourite with students and locals alike who love to enjoy something a little different from the tap.

But here’s the big bucks (or not): burger and a beer for FIVE POUNDS, or take a friend and you can get a second burger for A QUID. Yep. Just split the bill and you’ll both be chuffed. If chicken wings are more your thing, grab 10 for £10 until 10pm.

Complete with fish tank

Chaplins Cellar and Bar, Christchurch Road, Boscombe

You can reach Chaplin’s, Boscombe by getting the M1 bus, which is included in your Uni bus pass. If you like jazz, or any kind of music this place always has something going on. The bar is cosy and quirky, with a downstairs cellar that typically houses the musicians.

The main event is outside, lights that spell out the bar’s name, painted walls and a covered, heated area that is the perfect place to enjoy a pint. Quotes on the toilets will keep you entertained while you queue or are on the loo, and trinkets lie all over the place. Its a museum, bar and music venue all in one.

The Cellar comes alive almost every night of the week

Local bands of all genres take to the stage at Chaplins Cellar and Bar

Brewhouse and Kitchen, Commercial Road

Brewhouse is one for a summers day or a rainy evening. So any time. Home brewed beers are served at the bar as well as from the kitchen since many of their recipes use their own brews. Inside is cosy and busy in the evening, while outside beach huts are named after all the beaches of Bournemouth. It may give you some inspiration for day trips! Failing that, you can get a great picture to add to your Instagram collection.

Branksome Chine is a beach a short walk away

So if you’re feeling beaten by freshers, or just fancy a pint with your new friends, head down to one of these great bars. They all have the approval by many students and locals and you’ll never be short of delicious food nor unique pints.