5forFreshers: Asmah Mansur-Williams


At long last, it’s FRIDAY NIGHT! Which mean two very important things… the weekend is upon on us AND we’re getting closer and closer to the start of the university year! It also means we have reached the end of this week’s 5forFreshers but please, PLEASE hold back the tears… (we see you over there at the back), we’ll be back again next week with some good stuff. Taking the reigns today is Business student and all round fashion guru, Asmah Mansur-Williams.

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Name: Asmah Mansur-Williams

Year: Fourth

Course: Business Studies

Frank Ocean or the Atlantic Ocean: The Atlantic, at least that’s consistent…

1. BFFs…what BFFs?!

Don’t be in any hurry to make friends (true friends), it all seamlessly happens from meeting more people over time. More often than not, making friends in a hurry or because you feel obliged to have that mandatory freshers posse doesn’t actually favour you in the long run because time check, they never stick around. If you are struggling at making friends initially, it doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you (rewind back to three years ago and constantly ring this in my head), if anything, it means you are worth more to yourself than you think (hold on tightly to this).


Aside from the obvious lectures, seminars (which I expect you’ll see a number of tips on) go to your orientations (Fresher’s Fair is a great place to start), welcome dinners/meetups, PALs, all the little tit bits you’ll probably roll up your duvet covers on. Those ‘social’ gatherings are great for meeting people and generally making you more comfortable in your new school.


This is particularly for International students that find it hard to adjust due to language barrier. Your lack of effective English speaking doesn’t make you any less than the other freshers. Go out there, get familiar with your local town, talk to shop owners, attend the English workshop and orientations set by the university. All in all, don’t feel daunted when people find it hard to understand you, your English will build up with time. Remember: You are making a conscious effort to improve your linguistic skills by coming all the way to an English speaking country, that should be a point of pride for you!

4. Get familiar with  lecturers, tutors*

This tip actually helps you get far in a way, knowing your teachers personally than those eye stares in a lecture hall filled with over 200 students actually helps you build your confidence and helps in a number of difficult situation (think courseworks and exams preparation). Since the relationship is already built, it’s easier to approach tutors in those dire times of need.

*Note: this is not to be misinterpreted as teachers pet 

5. TRY NOT TO WEAR ALL YOUR WARDROBE IN A DAY (Take a cue, fresher Asmah!)

For the style conscious ones amongst you, just try not to. Its definitely an overwhelming phase and I congratulate you for getting this far but try in anyway to notch the excitement down a bit with your appearance. Trust me, there will be plenty of time to done every extra piece of slinky jewellery in your closet.

An extra tip right here because I am a nice person: No one has their life together, including that final year girl you’ve just seen walk past, yep even her!


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