#5ForFreshers – 5 Hangover Day Ideas


Going out and getting drunk is, for most of you, an inevitable part of Freshers, and indeed university life. But with getting drunk, comes the morning after! The hangover! And you won’t want to do much on those days. But we’ve got some ideas.

Stay in bed

image of ipad, laptop and teddy bear in bed

The most obvious thing to do when you’ve got a hangover and feeling sorry for yourself is to stay in bed. And it definitely comes highly recommended.

In bed you can sleep in, you can play games, you can nurse your head. There’s so many things your bed can provide for you.

You can even…

Watch something

image of lego man watching the television

Photo by Eko Priyanto Lo|Flickr – https://www.flickr.com/photos/epriyanto/

Who cares what you watch on a hangover day right? Rubbish reality TV, the latest comedy film on Netflix, your favourite show that you’ve already watched 100 times. You could snuggle yourself up in bed, you could watch something on the sofa. If you’re feeling brave enough you could even take a trip to the cinema.

And whilst you’re watching probably Jeremy Kyle, let’s face it, why not…

Eat some greasy food

image of a cooked breakfast including eggs, bacon, sausages and french toast

You could grab your friends who also have a hangover and go to Spoons for a nice greasy full English. You could order in from somewhere like Deliveroo or UberEats (my favourite is Five Guys Burgers from Deliveroo). Or if you’re prepared you could just cook yourself a nice fry-up.

Alternatively, you could eat something healthy like a banana. They are meant to help with a nasty hangover but most of us want fatty horrible food right?

Pamper yourself

Everyone loves a good pamper session, yes even you boys!

If you have a bath tub, run yourself a nice relaxing bath. (If you want candles, please make sure your accommodation allows this)

Get yourself a face mask ready for those days when you just need to relax. You can put this on for when you’re in the bath, or just when you’re laying down feeling sorry for yourself.

Drink lots of tea/coffee

image of tea in a mug in someone's hand

Image: Sophie Pascoe

A hot drink when you’re feeling hungover is like an internal cuddle! It makes you feel a lot better.

So whether you like tea, coffee, hot chocolate, hot blackcurrent or something else… drink that warm hug and waste the day away!

Whatever you have to do to feel better after the night before, it’s probably listed above. It’s just part of being a student so pick yourself up and plonk yourself down in front of the TV. No one is judging you.

Of course, be sure to drink lots of water and be safe when you’re out drinking.