5 Ways To Wear: Knee Highs!


Knee high boots have become a major trend this autumn and winter but sometimes pairing them with an outfit can be daunting, therefore I have created 5 outfits that can be worn for a variety of occasions incorporating knee high boots to show that they aren’t as hard to style as you think!


The first way to style them is a smart casual outfit that is perfect for going out and meeting your friends. I have just taken a standard knee high black boot with sight gold detailing on the back as the basis on the outfit. Then add a pair of standard black skinny jeans and a white jumper, I chose one with a collar because I love the shirts under jumpers trend at the moment. Just to finish off the outfit I added a blue blazer coat, a simple silver long chain necklace and a fedora hat just to add something extra to the outfit.


Next up is the perfect outfit for this time of year as it will keep you nice and warm. Again I have taken your standard brown knee high boots and then paired these with a dark blue pair of jeans. To add the warmth I have taken a burgundy woolly jumper and a green parka coat which in very much in style at the moment, this will also keep you protected from the rain. Then lastly for accessories I have added a gold statement necklace, a burgundy beanie hat and a pair of leather gloves, you can always switch these out for gloves of your choice though!


This next outfit is slightly more edgy, but I have again just taken some simple black suede knee highs for the basis. Then I added a blue and red tartan dress as everyone loves the tartan craze at the moment, then to top it off I added a leather jacket with a fur collar. Then to accessorise I added a burgundy fedora hat, a cuff bracelet and an ear cuff to add edge to the look! This outfit would be perfect for a gig or a concert or simply going out for a meal with friends.


This outfit is the slightly more classic compared to the others and it is perfect for those days where you want to look more sophisticated. I started this outfit with the grey chunky knit cardigan as I hadn’t incorporated much knitwear into the others. I then pair that with a pair of black skinny jeans and a white printed shirt, these are such simple items but when put together they can look really stylish. Then to finish the outfit off I obviously paired it with some brown heeled knee high boots, a brown leather bag, gold chain necklace and a simple gold ring!


I think this outfit is going to be the one that appeal to most because it is the comfiest. I took some quilted knee high black boots and paired them with leggings that have a leather panel down the seems. Then I added a black oversized slogan jumper and a furry gilet to add the warm that you need during this time of year. Then to accessorise the outfit I paired it with a black leather backpack and a simple black watch (doesn’t have to be Marc Jacobs!!)