5 Celebrities that Transformed their Look with Glasses


A lot of modern celebrities have remained in the spotlight for years, while some struggle to fight to keep their place. One of the best ways to ensure you remain talked about is changing your look, and many celebs love undergoing a transformation weekly.

While some A-listers opt for dying their hair or undergoing a non-surgical procedure, a simple way to do look different is to add a pair of specs. Some of the most popular celebrities at the moment have loved changing their looks with a pair of glasses, or even sunglasses, and their fans have loved it too.

The likes of Love Island’s Molly-Mae Hague, Matt Willis, Amanda Holden, Tulisa Contostavlos and Emma Bunton landed our top five when it comes to glasses transformations. Molly-Mae spent her summer winning over the UK on ITV2’s hit summer show, Love Island, and although she was often seen with a pair of black sunglasses on, she’s also sported her fair share of classic specs.

Before going into the villa, she was already influencing her followers with her appearance, and opting for a pair of oversized glasseswas one of her favourite looks. She looked completely different in the specs in comparison to when she headed into the villa, but remained as glamorous as ever.

Busted’s Matt Willis spent a lot of his younger years wearing glasses, and although he rarely sports specs now, he still loves wearing the odd pair of sunnies. His sunglasses are usually thick black frames, although fans were used to him wearing his specs years ago, he looks noticeably different when he adds his sunglasses.

Amanda Holden may not wear glasses on the regular, but she loves to accessorise with a pair of sunglasses. When it comes to her bikini pictures, the photo alone gets her fans talking, let alone the natural, chic persona she embodies when she opts for her frames. She transforms her exterior on the daily, and adding a pair of sunniesalways seems to impress her followers and adds a sense of mystery to her snaps.

Tulisa Constovalos usually brings memories back for a lot of 00s kids with her debut in N-Dubz and her reign on The X Factor. Most people remember her as the woman who would flaunt her ‘Female Boss’ ink on the stage, but she looks completely different in the years since. After coming back to music as a solo artist, she opted for a complete transformation after debuting her new look with a pair of square specs. The metal framesallowed Tulisa to flaunt her new look, and her fans were left stunned over the transformation.

Emma Bunton has joined the oversized glasses gang after making her Spice Girls comeback earlier this year. While she followed in Victoria Beckham’s footsteps with the statement sunglasses, she’s also partial to a pair of old-fashioned specs. Baby Spice looked more glamorous than ever with the old frames, and after sporting all sorts of styles, it was one of many that caught the attention of her followers.

A subtle frame can make all the difference with a single outfit, and sometimes it can take them to a whole new level, these celebs definitely agree, and love sporting their endless supply of fashion frames.