How to Beat the January Blues


Ah, the New Year. Christmas is finished, the parties are over, and suddenly you are realising you have a mountain of work to do when your deadlines are in a week. Sound familiar?  Not to worry, here are some easy tips to make January a little more bearable…

1)      Plan your time

Today is not looking too busy…

If, like me, your January seems to be overloaded with deadlines, planning your time can be a real life-saver. My advice is to try and make smaller goals to complete each day or week to keep yourself sane. This seems to make it seem much less overwhelming, and when you keep accomplishing the goals it will continue to motivate you. Just make sure you prioritize around your deadlines!

2)      Exercise

the chemicals that are released when you exercise make you happier and less stressed

If only running was this easy…

The ‘new year, new me’ resolution will always ring true for most when it comes to health, especially because the whole festive period seems to centre around food (not that pigs in blankets aren’t the best thing about Christmas). In fact, a 2015 YouGov poll revealed that around half of the respondents made resolutions to get fitter. Yet the same poll also revealed that only 10% of the respondents manage to stick to their resolutions. But exercise won’t only help your health – it can also be one of the best ways to beat the January blues because the chemicals that are released when you exercise make you happier and less stressed. So, dig out some running trainers, and find a fun way to get moving.

3)      Plan something fun

Not the whole of January should be about work and accomplishment though. Giving yourself something to look forward is a great way of making you feel more positive. Whether it’s booking a holiday, arranging to go visit a friend or even just going out for dinner with your flatmates, taking time away from the stress will make you feel a lot better.

4)      Enjoy some winter activities

Although the build-up to Christmas has passed, there are still some things that you can only do this time of year. Hot chocolates, movie nights, trips to the cinema, mulled wine…  Make most of the cold, and do something that you won’t feel like doing when it begins to warm up!

The all important cuppa

5)      When it all gets too much, just take a break – sometimes, not matter how much you try to prepare or de-stress, you can’t help but feel down. Considering January also marks exam time for a lot of students, it can be hard to get through. Don’t overwhelm yourself. You won’t de-stress by worrying further, so sit down and with a cup of tea, some chocolate, and watch something on Netflix. It can do wonders.