10 Thoughts Every Soon-To-Be Graduate Is Having Right Now


As the year draws to a close, for many it’s the end of an era. The finale of 3/4 long years that were both the best and toughest years of our lives. There are bound to be times when you’ve claimed to be “so done” and ready to escape the student lifestyle. But then, there’s also been those moments that you never want to end. Essentially, as the realisation hits that the student lifestyle is about to escape us, emotions are bound to be all over the place. From lusting over freedom to nostalgia over the endless memories, here are ten thoughts you are likely to have had in your last few weeks as a student.

The sweet taste of freedom!

1) I’m free!

Final year stress was no joke. Whilst the prospect of entering the “real world” is completely terrifying, the final year workload wasn’t too great either. The moment your very last assignment is handed in your mind floods with pure joy. No more 12 hour library days, reading books that you will never understand and endless, mind-numbing essays. Your time is now yours to use as you please. Straight to the beach, it is!

2) Take me back to the start

Initially, the freedom means you can only think of finishing university as the best thing to have ever happened. Then, the nostalgia hits. How can the years have gone by so quick? Why didn’t I appreciate how good life as a fresher really was? What am I going to do without my best friends around me constantly? You might be glad to have finished, but it would come as no surprise if you have found yourself wanting to do it all over again.

3) What happens now?

You’ve been so caught up in celebrations that you are oblivious to reality. Life is one big holiday right now, as it should be after all the stress of final year! But, before long, you start to find yourself wondering what’s in store for the next chapter? How long can you float in this in-between stage before you are forced to let the student lifestyle go? Does this “real world” actually exist? It feels like you’re about to find out.

4) I should probably look for a job

Whilst the unemployed life is enjoyable, thoughts are bound to wander towards the quickly decreasing number in your bank account. Sure, being carefree forever would be great, but unfortunately, funds say otherwise. There’s only so long you can live like the rich person you’re not. As much as we want to enjoy a lavish lifestyle, you’ve been a student too long to know that it just isn’t possible.

5) Do I really have to move back home?

Leaving this place won’t be easy.

You made a statement; moved out, gained freedom and got yourself a degree. Now, it feels like you’re going backwards. You have no choice but to move back in with your parents and creep back into the life you gladly left behind. It won’t be long before thoughts of saving your pennies to move out become your priority.

6) How long can I avoid the “real world”?

The student life might be over, but that doesn’t mean you are ready for it to be. It’s more than likely that thoughts of 9-5 will absolutely terrify you. Surely, there must be another option? Whether it’s travelling, volunteering or continuously partying to avoid all responsibility you will do everything you can to find another way to live your life.

7) What if I never get a job?

You’ve broken your back to get a degree, and now a whole lot of debt awaits you. You’ve taken all the rights steps; you have the perfect grade, work experience and interview manner, but what if you just don’t get a job? What if you end up back stacking shelves in your local supermarket? Could it be possible that your degree won’t provide you with the opportunity you thought it would?

How long can we avoid the “real world”?

8) Do I really have to pay for stuff now?

As a student, you were blissfully unaware that costs like council tax, income tax and poll tax even existed. Now, the charges are a reality that you just can’t hide from. Gone are the days of cheap deals, student discounts and pre-paid bills. The real world means real responsibilities.

9) I still don’t have a life plan

Inevitably, as a graduate, the most common question you will be asked is “what’s next?”. You’re well aware that you are supposed to know the answer to this, but you don’t have a clue. You’ve been ignorant to life outside of uni for so long, you now have no idea how to approach it.

10) It really was the best time of your life

Everyone says the uni years are THE years. But, naturally, when you’re living them you don’t think like that. Now that they are over you realise just how true the statement was. The best years of your life have come to an end, it’s hard not think it’s all doom and gloom for here!