Nerve Spooktacular: How To Carve The Best Pumpkin


It’s October and Halloween is fast approaching. You know you haven’t done it right unless you have a perfectly carved pumpkin on your doorstep.

The trick or treat season is not just about making those Pumpkin cuts crisp but the inventive design that makes your friends wow when they attend this years Halloween party! So here’s a couple of tips and tricks to ensure you have the best pumpkin around…

 The Design: There a number of trends this year that you can use to either spice up your Pumpkin’s face or try something new and mix it up!

Add glue to the Pumpkin insides to make Pumpkin slime! via Pintrest

  1. SLIME! You can either buy green slime from highstreet stores and cheaply online (The Works, Poundland, Ebay) or make it yourself using water, flour, glue and food colouring. This is a great way to add an extra scary touch to your Pumpkin, have it spewing out of the Pumpkins mouth and lid. You can do this similarly using the insides of the Pumpkin after scraping out the middle!
  2. Trace a stencil! If you don’t fancy carving a face onto your Pumpkin this year, don’t let that stop you. If you have tracing paper, marker and a design from online you can trace anything from cats, owls or bats onto your Pumpkins.
  3. Cookie cutters! To add a different design onto your Pumpkin this year try cutting shapes with a cookie cutter and mallet. Simply place your Halloween cookie cutter onto your Pumpkin and hit it, this will create an intent so you may need to finish shaping it with a knife. Repeat this several times to create a spooky design.
  4. Stem Nose: If you want to do a simple design on the face of your Pumpkin, why not try turning it forward and using the stem of the Pumpkin as the nose? This will let you do a more simple eyes and mouth with a really interesting design!
  5. GLOW PAINT! Why not cover your Pumpkin in glow paint to give it that extra spooky look when its out in the dark, you can get this easily online and in stores around Halloween.  You could also try covering the stalk or design in glitter for a more sparkly look!
  6.  Make Holes! It may sound crazy but try drilling holes in your Pumpkin to create a more sophisticated pattern. Of course, make sure you do this safely and away from any danger but when you put your tea light inside it will glow and make a really pretty Halloween look.

DIY Pumpkins can look really creative once you add the tea light. via Pintrest

Get creative with it! You can carve a Pumpkin for a party, for Trick or Treaters or Just for fun! Here are a few tips for when you are prepping to carve your Pumpkin:

  • Get inspo! You can get inspiration from many different blogs around Halloween, Pinterest is also a trusty source for idea’s after you have got your Pumpkin.
  • Prep your equipment: have a knife, spoon, ladle and a bowl for the insides at the ready!
  • Use a dry wipe pen! This works better than a sharpie for drawing your design. It will rub off easily! If you don’t have one and have to use a permanent pen, baby wipes are a perfect for rubbing the pen off.
  • Cut the bottom not top. By having a hole in the bottom of your Pumpkin cut rather than a lid on the top it is much easier to put the tea light in at the end.
  • Preserving your Pumpkin! If you want your Pumpkin to last for all your Halloween events then coat it with floor cleaner! This will make it last longer so you can show off your Pumpkin to call your friends.