Industry Insights: Portia Shaw, PR


In our last Industry Insights of the year (I know, heartbreak!), we speak to the hugely successful and driven Portia Shaw, head of the renowned POP PR

Tell us about yourself?

I’m a 30% feminist 70% career focused creature based between London and Los Angeles.

What does a PR agency do?

We specialise in fashion, beauty and events around the world. The team have hosted runway shows in London, New York, Paris and Milan, we have a studio in Oxford Circus London as well as Vine Street in Hollywood. We represent what we consider a curated collection of talent and niche products available to the public

How did you get your start in PR industry?

I was lucky enough to land my first job after a 4-week internship many years ago with Goodley PR. From there I moved to Blow PR, Essence Communications and then shortly afterwards POP PR was born.

What is the cornerstone of a successful PR agency?

Honesty is always the best policy, we have frank and sometimes harsh conversations with our clients, they understand at the end of the day its just business and nothing personal. This has been the core of our success.

What personal attributes does someone need to be successful in the industry?

You need to have thick skin and understand the levels of commitment to our industry. PR can come across as a fluffy industry however it is far from it, we work on incredibly tight deadlines and we throw ourselves fully into our clients business, their creation is our baby and we like to nurture this and watch it grow.

Biggest misconceptions people have about the industry?

That it is glamorous.

How important are celebrities in your field?

HUGELY – the wrong celeb can ruin a brand in an incredibly short space of time, chose your demographic wisely.

Who is your personal style icons?

Tilda Swinton with a drizzle of Olivia Palmero

How can a young person navigate from graduation and into the industry?

 Be a yes person, be willing to intern, be happy to take on jobs you feel are below you, every day I learn new skills and I’ve been doing this for years! Also when you do reach a level, don’t be afraid to be a no person, pick and choose your clients.

You can find out more about POP PR on their website.