Industry Insights: Alex Longmore, Stylist

Alex Longmore

When people think jobs in fashion, to easily are their thoughts drawn to designers or retail workers, and far too little to the hundreds of others the industry has in abundance. From buyers and stylists to bloggers and creative directors, fashion is absolutely limitless! And, luckily for all you wonderful readers of Nerve, over the next few months, we’ll open your eyes completely to this exciting world of talent and creativity. So, where do we start? Well, with the phenomenally talented Alex Longmore, of course! Counting the likes of Gary Barlow, Twiggy and Julie Walters (and much more!) among her celebrity clientele, Alex has risen from humble assistant to all-around BOSS by running her very own personal styling business…

Tell us about your company or your role in it?

I run a Personal Styling business and I also am a Celebrity Stylist.

How did you get your start in the business?

I did lots of work experience at magazine and newspapers, finally landed a job as the Style assistant and worked my way up over the years to be Style Editor.

Did you always want to be a stylist?

Yes, from the age of 7, when I was reading my grandmother’s Vogues. It was a vocational job for me!

What is the process of styling from start to finish?

It’s a lot of prep, you have to source the looks, get the looks into the office and then style them on your subject, make sure they fit and you have the right accessories to go with the right outfit. Then you have to return them to the PR’s after you finish and start the whole process again. For personal styling, I normally always go shopping with my clients after a wardrobe detox which takes place at their home.

Is there a clear difference between personal shoppers and stylists?

Huge difference, the only similarity is they both use the mode of clothes.

Your personal style icons?

Oh, so many… but Gwyneth Paltrow, The Rolling Stone girlfriends along the way and Victoria Beckham are definitely some.

Is there always the risk that you could bring in your own personal tastes when styling others?

Yes, and it’s something I have to be very aware of and make sure not to do

Any misconceptions people have of your industry?

That it’s glamorous, it’s really not! Some parts are, but it is more about hard work and serious organisation. It can be draining.

How can young people/graduates navigate their way into the industry?

By being nice to everybody they meet, and not thinking it’s only like what they see on social media – be prepared for hard work!

You can follow Alex on Instagram or find her on her website