Fashion Trends to Look Out For in 2018!


It’s early January… no flowers in sight, the trees are bare and the air is still so, so crisp. But, don’t you worry! 2018 has arrived with its promise of unforgettable style, guaranteeing an injection of warmth and excitement back into your weary bones. Trust me, the year ahead is going to be an absolute doozy – trends galore! I know, I know… it can all seem rather daunting, being faced with a new year and its ocean of clothes. But, fear not! I’m here to help you wade through the tides of fashion with these five key trends. I mean, why sink when you can float with style?


Fringe, baby! But, not as you know it… I’m not talking about cowgirls and the dusty old-west. Oh no, girl. I’m taking fringe with a showbiz twist – I’m talking about flapper girls, honey! In 2018, expect fringe to be combined with glitz, glamour and all things Hollywood. And… so that you know, when rocking fringe in 2018, just be ready to have the red carpet rolled out for you wherever you go. Why? Because it’s fringe – duh. Top of my recommendations? This sexy little number from Missguided: Ombre Layered Tassel Jacket (£22).


Wipe that smirk off your face! You still think plaid is the same unflattering, dreary, boor it once was? Hell, no! Plaid is sexy now; didn’t you get the memo? Awash with colour and verve, plaid in 2018 is primed and ready to launch into the style stratosphere, and establish itself as every fashionista’s staple this year! Want your tongue wagging? Look no further than ASOS and The English Factory Plaid Shorts (£10).


After being named Pantone Colour of the Year, expect nothing less than to be swept up in an almighty avalanche of purple in 2018 – or to be precise ultraviolet. But, as we all know, the biggest dilemma in a fashionistas life is staying bang on trend without being a sheep (I know, life’s so hard!). That’s why lavender (or lilac) is the perfect compromise! You’re maintaining the whole purple vibe, while at the same time, playing with hue and just generally being a thug-life rebel. For real bounce and vibrancy try checking out Nasty Gal’s Together For-Leather Moto Jacket (£36).

See-through Plastics

You thought vinyl and patent were cool and punk-rock? Ha, think again! Those has-beens got nothing on plastic. Equal parts sophisticated and edgy, see-through is set to take the fashion scene by storm – just you wait! But, stop… hold your horses! I’m not talking head-to-toe in only transparent plastic… I mean, there is a time and place to look naked, but in the middle of the street at rush hour, isn’t one of them! Instead opt for isolated touches, such as these kick-ass heels from Raye x REVOLVE (£75).


Yes, yes… I get it, not the most original inclusions! But trust me, 2018 is the year florals will well and truly take over. Be prepared to be inundated with a rainbow of flowers! However, this year you’re going to see florals reimagined in exciting, breath-taking, never-seen-before ways, as the recurring trend gets taken to a whole new level. Don’t believe me? Check out this funky mixed print offering from French Connection: Celia Mix V Neck Floral Dress (£129).