Could you survive DryJanuary?

Written by Steph Butcher and edited by Rebecca Pates

Christmas Day: a time for happiness, excitement and good food. A day where everyone is joyous and wants to celebrate with family. It’s not meant to be spent feeling groggy and exhausted after stumbling in at half 3 in the morning ridiculously drunk.Having a hangover on Christmas Day was the moment in which I decided: “Okay, I think it’s time to make a change”.

And so, DryJanuary began…

My last drink was a ceremonious gulp of Belle Epoque bought by my boss at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Since then, it’s been an interesting month to say the least. In aid of Cancer Research UK, I have decided to give up alcohol for an entire 31 days, almost unheard of from a student (and trust me many people scoffed in disbelief when explaining my alcohol-free plan).

From forgetful moments when walking down the beach and musing about going to Hot Rocks for a cocktail to those moments on a Saturday night where all I want to do is don my favourite dress and head down to town, it’s been a hard return to university this January.

However difficult it’s been, avoiding alcohol and nights out has actually proved to have its rewards also:

No Hangovers

I must admit not feeling the dreaded aftermath of a good night has been bliss.

Higher Energy Levels

Without going out, I seem to have more energy and motivation to get things done. Completing assignments and looking for work experience opportunities have come effortless in the past two weeks.

More Money

Well that’s a lie, I am still a student and incredibly skint. But I feel less guilty for not going further into my overdraft all for another round.

Feeling Good

Whenever I feel like I need a drink, I try and remember I’m doing this for a good cause. So during my dark moments, I remind myself of how much I’ve got so far and how making it to the end could raise so much more.

Time to do more

Even though I can’t go out in the traditional student fashion, I’m still determined to have fun. I believe student life shouldn’t just be about the drinking, and there are plenty of ways to laugh and have a good time with friends.

So, do you think you could take the challenge? No alcohol for a whole month? Unfortunately, I can’t tell you it’s an easy task, but I can assure you it does have its benefits. Currently almost half way through the month, I’m feeling determined to make it to the end to prove to all those people who thought I was joking that it can be done. So my next drink will not be until midnight on 31st January and until then, I will be striving to get my work done and finding the fun activities anyone can do in Bournemouth while living a student life without the student night out.

Feeling Generous? If you support my cause, please feel free to donate to Cancer Research and sponsor me here, in hope that one day we’ll find a cure.