Your Valentine’s Day Prayers Answered


Valentine’s Day can leave some of us students in worry: What do I organise? What do I buy? How much will it all cost? Well have no worries! Emma Taylor is here to answer your Valentine’s prayers. Let Cupid handle the rest.

Edited by Natalie Whitmore

For many of us, money struggles are the main things that truly individualises us as students. This means that when Valentine’s Day comes around, if we have an other half, the dreads of your partner outdoing you with gifts, or you not thinking up the best plans for how to spend the day together, crop up.

However, the day doesn’t have to be focused on money, and whose gift is better as after all it’s about love and showing that you care. This means you can be as romantic as you like on the day, and get away with the cheesiness to make up for the lack of the usual extravagance and expense! Emma Taylor has given a few ideas on how to enjoy Valentine’s Day without the worry of money.

1. Re-enact your first date

If you’ve been together a long time then why not re-enact your first date? It’s likely that at the beginning of your relationship you where going through the ‘honeymoon’ stage, when you made the most effort to show your caring and loving side. This gives you the opportunity to remind your partner how charming you can be, and the break down any barriers made up in the relationship. So think back to your first date, make a reservation or visit the same place and reminisce about how you felt about them when you first met. Do the same things that first sparked your romance together, and it could re-spark it all again for more then one night.

2. Get Physical

No, i’m not talking about that certain kind of ‘physical’- although it doesn’t go a miss on this date- instead you can spend the day by getting your heart rates pumping together by doing something exciting, like going on Bournemouth Pier’s zip wire. It’s essential to have a good time with each other, and physical activities get those endorphins flowing, which is proven to leave you both in loving moods.


3. Duvet Day

This may not sound very creative, but sometimes the best gift could be simply uninterrupted time together doing nothing. You don’t need to leave the house to make Valentine’s Day special, a lot of the time it’s the small things that count. How great would it be to spend the entire day in bed together without interruption? Turning off your phones and not answering the door will allow you to enjoy being with each other and bring you even closer together.

4. Get Away

If you’ve got a bit of free time (and a bit of money) then why not spend the night somewhere different. Research into where you could stay, make sure that your partner is also free, and get away!  It could be just spending the day at the beach, if your budget doesn’t stretch as far as a night away; or you could spend a night at a low-price B&B not too far from home. Getting away is exciting, and allows you to spend time alone together and have the relaxation of a mini holiday. What’s not to love.

mini break couple

5. Dress Up

If you have a small budget for Valentine’s Day then make a dinner reservation somewhere local, and dress up smart. Better still, tell your partner the night before that they need to dress up for a date so they can prepare and look forward to it. Dressing up makes the occasion feel extra special, and the love that you put planning and thought into the evening will be appreciated. As a couple this allows you the chance to get all ‘glammed’ up, and you can have fun together whilst looking your best.

6. Cook Dinner

There’s nothing anyone loves more than being taken care of; and what student doesn’t like someone cooking for them?! Wherever you may be planning on spending the night, you could give a thoughtful, but not expensive gift, to your partner such as a bunch of roses or a box of classy chocolates, and a nice card with a message inside telling your partner how much they mean to you. Then light some candles for a romantic and calming atmosphere, and cook your partner dinner, potentially followed by a mini massage for full marks for the evening. This way they will be completely relaxed, and your partner will really appreciate the gesture.

Handsome man cooking at home preparing salad in kitchen.