Travel Tuesday’s: A Paradise getaway to Mauritius


This week Travel Tuesdays flies out all the way to the Indian Ocean, where  Deepam Ramchurn will share her Mauritius experience with you and reveal some helpful tips for this travel destination.

Edited by Nina Nagel

During the winter break, I was lucky enough to visit Mauritius. This was the perfect paradise getaway from the oncoming exams but also a chance to unwind. Whilst the British weather was gloomy and reaching below zero degrees celsius, Mauritius on the other side of the world had the amazing temperature of 30 degrees and above. This was the perfect summer destination to escape to from the freezing weather here, not to talk about the stress.


However, it may easily become an Easter getaway or even a summer vacation spot as the weather is always going to be perfect without a doubt! 

How to get there:

If you want to visit this gorgeous island, I would suggest to start saving as early as possible. Depending on in which season you’d like to visit the ticket price varies. From November to February, summer is at full blast in Mauritius and surprisingly cheaper to visit if booked early, starting from £600pp depending on the carrier and transfer. On the other hand, from March till October, the price varies depending which month you’d like to go starting from £800. 


Places to Stay:

There are a  wide range of accommodations on the island ranging from Budget hotels, Villas, Hotels with Resort and Spa, Guesthouse to high-end resorts. For Budget hotels, the prices start from as cheap as £18 and upwards. If you’re looking for a luxury getaway even for a couple of days, you could easily get one from £50 and onwards. If you’d like to know more on this, I’d suggest to visit Lonely Planet, which offers different options.

Things To Do:

Mauritius may be known for its beaches and white sand but there is so much to do if you’re up for some wild adventure and discovering the culture.The most amazing part of Mauritius is the mixture of diversity and culture. For that reason, you’d find the different religions all merged into one republic and that is represented in the culture itself. I can assure you, you won’t be lacking from the Chinese dishes to Indian dishes or even the traditional Mauritian food. Being an avid beach lover, I decided to go down water-sport route. I went snorkelling in Blue Bay, which is the perfect location if you’re looking for coral reefs, colourful fishes and educational talk on the marine life in Mauritius. It cost roughly around 1500-2000 rupees, in sterling that’d be around £20-£40. Other exciting sports could be skydiving, sea walks, scuba diving, surfing and sailing. If you’re up for  nature, Mauritius’s exotic flora and fauna has plenty to offer. With hiking and safari tours available, you’re bound for an exhilarating trip!


Snorkelling with the fishes!

The local markets are a MUST to visit! You’ll get the once in a lifetime opportunity to try the traditional, spicy dishes that you won’t get elsewhere. Also, with the souvenirs and clothes on display, it sure is a change of sight to a typical market.

There are also the commercialised shopping malls such as Bagatelle and La Croissette which houses some of the well-known brands such as Armani, Chloe, Gucci ect..

Some Of The Top Attractions I’d recommend to visit:

  • Casela (A chance to go on a safari to see extraordinary species on quad bikes or even interact with lions)
  • Chamarel (A rare naturalistic seven coloured sand)
  • River Gorges (A natural reserve which is the perfect place to hike with scenic views of the island and lots of endemic plants and species)
  • Ill Aux Cerfs and Ill Aux Aigrettes (Off shore islands for one day visits, with lots of water sports on site)
  • Beaches to visit (Le Morne, Blue Bay, Pereybere, Mont Choisy, Grand Baie, La Cuvette)

Some Tips:

  • Don’t forget to get your vaccination done at least a couple of weeks in advance
  • Bring your suncream
  • Buy some mosquitoes repellant (You’ll need that for sure!)
  • Always carry a bottle of water
  • Before booking any activities, check for reviews online to see if they’re trustworthy and worth the price
  • This is a website I found after my holiday, (I felt like crying as the prices were a bit more affordable than what I’d paid for) which has some pretty good deals for hotels or tours!
  • Invest in an action camera such as a GoPro or a cheaper version if you can, trust me you’ll need it to capture the breath-taking scenery if you’re going around the island

If you’d like to know more on Mauritius, follow my blog as I describe my adventure there in more detail.