REVEALED: 3 Times ‘The Tab’ was Fake News


Ah The Tab, pillar of journalistic integrity and home of it’s very own ‘Trash’ section.

They aren’t so bad at writing about VKs but things don’t go so well when they try their hand at more serious articles.

#1: That time they had an ‘exclusive’ using a tweet from Nerve’s Deputy Head of News:

This one did happen but I’m not sure what’s exclusive about using another media organisations tweet as a source, but okay?

Felt a bit snaked after I even tagged them in my reply tweet asking them to cover this…

#2 When one of their writers lied about buying a gun (US Version)

This one even got picked up by Snopes, not sure what else we can add to this that Snopes hasn’t already.

We can cut some slack for the US branch though, it’s a different culture.

#3 Finally, they took a story straight from a parody news site

This article was called out by Buzzfeed of all people, but was originally posted by the Daily Squat.

The Daily Squat’s tagline is “Dumping a steaming pile of news on you daily”. Might have been a clue…

I’m sure we could’ve found more but half our committee threatened to quit if I made them read anymore Tab articles.

Stay classy Tab!