Studland Bay: one of Bournemouth’s best day trips

Studland Bay

Since I moved to Bournemouth I’ve wanted to get the ferry over to Studland. In my second year I finally did it, and I wish I’d done it sooner!

I suggested Studland to a friend for a date day with her boyfriend since I had been wanting to go for ages. When she came back the pictures were gorgous and I was super jealous, although proud that my suggestion had gone down so well. Here is the lowdown of Studland Bay, including how to get there.

How to get there:

You can get to Studland only by ferry, but there are a few ways to do it. The ferry goes from Sandbanks, so if you’re a short bus ride away then your best option might be to get the bus and go as a foot passenger, since it’s £1 each way.

However, I understand Sandbanks is a trek from where Bournemouth university students usually live, so I suggest getting the bus (route 50) from the coach station by Asda (Stand A), which is £7.30 return. This includes the ride on the ferry and a 40 minute bus journey on a tour-style open top bus.

Buses run every hour, or on Sundays run every 2 hours.
In Summer the buses are every half an hour, or every hour on Sundays.

If you’re lucky enough to have your car at uni, or have a friend who does, a car is £4.30 each way (£8.60 total) which would divide up nicely if there were a few of you.

Doggos! Dogs are welcome on Studland’s beaches, so plenty of cuteness opportunities

What to do:

In all honesty, it’s mostly walking. I suggest getting off the bus after about 5 minutes, crossing the road and walking down towards the ferry. You could either call it a day here or take a walk on the beach across the road. However, there are maps everywhere so you can take your pick of routes (I think there is a 7-10 mile walk which takes you all over Studland and beyond). Take a picnic, and skim stones on the water while taking some sweet Instagrams. Thank me later.

There are volleyball nets up on one beach, which you’ll see as you approach on the ferry which you could take a ball for, or just take a ball for a kick around.

When the weather warms up, take a swim in the sea if you’re brave enough. The water is super clear!

Skim stones from the beach

Is that it?

If you’re looking for something a bit more strenuous, take the bus further onto Studland Bay, towards Studland village, and take a walk out to Old Harry’s Rocks. These rocks sit in the sea in various shapes and are quite a sight. I didn’t do this, but I could see them around the bay! Similarly, you can do the 7-10 mile walk I mentioned, which takes you via the rocks.

If you’re hungry, there are a few resturants to choose from. Shell Bay is straight off the ferry, so great if you want to walk back towards the ferry to earn some delicious seafood. A little more pricey than fast food, but it shouldn’t break the bank (and it was delicious!)

Whitebait and cider at Shell Bay

The Pig Hotel can be found nearer Old Harry’s Rocks, although I think is a little more expensive. On the plus side, they source all their food from within a 25 mile radious, so you know your food is fresh and local.

Alternatively, pack a picnic for your journey!

Boat houses

A simple, but rewarding day out. The journey is super exciting, especially if you can get a spot on the open top bus (if it’s not raining!) and the ferry is a nice treat, despite taking all of 5 minutes. I hope you all are inspired to go to Studland Bay, especially since it’s right on your door step!

Studland’s beaches are surrounded by grassy woodland.