The Hans We Are Dealt

Super Hans

“You can’t trust people Jeremy” (Super Hans, 2005)

January 22nd was a sad day for all student fans of Peep Show. Matt King better known as Super Hans unfortunately had to cancel his appearance at Bournemouth’s Old Fire Station due to poor health.

This was the second time that King had to cancel his guest DJ spot during the current academic year. The first time being due to filming conflicts. But unlike last time Thomas Turgoose was not around to make up for his absence.

With their plans for the evening wrecked how did Propaganda make up for it? Simple, they reverted to their normal routine but decided to go all out on providing a good time for everyone.

Everyone makes the most of the night in the old fire station

What Did Prop’s Do?

The décor remained the same as usual, with cold neon blues and purples; strobe effects lighting the nightclub as everyone walked in. But there was palpable enthusiasm in the air as the regular DJ’s blasted out Propaganda favourites such as Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand and Kaiser Chiefs as well as old school classics like Madness, Joan Jett and Bon Jovi.

All of the on-stage personalities were determined to show the audience a good time to make up for the unfortunate lack of King. To accomplish this, they encouraged audience members to come on stage to dance their hearts out to their favourite songs. Later another audience member used the platform to sing along to the Kooks’ Naïve. They even asked the audience to pose for a tribute photo to Super Hans to show there was no ill will.

The lack of King was felt by the lack of controversial antics and perhaps fewer numbers than were expected, due to audience disappointment. But there were still a large number of people who took up the dancefloor at the old fire station. And these guys did not seem to mind King’s absence. In fact, they put their all into every second of the night. They jumped, jived and gyrated all over the place. And what could have been a disappointing night turned out to be not bad at all.

What Comes Next?

Matt King has said that he will make it up to Propaganda in the near future. As well as this, everyone who bought a ticket for the Super Hans event will have valid entry for the rescheduled date. But this incident proves that when you’re dealt a bad hand, sometimes you must have the confidence to go all in. The results can be pleasantly surprising.