SUBU Elections for Dummies

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SUBU Elections select the officers that will represent students for the next year, but you may not know exactly how much impact they have or even what the elections are.

So we’ve compiled a straight-forward list of everything you need to know to be fully clued up on #SUBUElects18. Your vote can help make a change across campus so get involved!

Why should I vote?

You’re exercising your right to vote. Bournemouth University wants the students to be involved in changes and getting the most out of their time here. Voting means you may see some changes you’ve been dying to see around campus.

Who should I vote for?

What do you want to see around campus? Have a read of everyone’s manifesto and make a decision that you think is right for you and others around you. It’s completely up to you, though!


The President will be responsible for representing students across campus. They will attend meetings and suggest changes that they want to see and that other students want to see. This year 7 candidates are running for President; Annabel Morton, Vanita Varsha Bina Patel, Balogun Ade, Matt McSweeney, Ebony Harding, Thomas Stannard and Ashley Christopher Charles Davis. They all have their own manifesto, which you can read here.

Vice President Activities:

The VP Activites will be in charge of societies, activities and other extra curriculars, both at university and on a national level. They will again be attending meetings that will cover how SUBU Activities work. There are 9 candidates running for VP Activities this year; Jake Ruggier, Connor Martin, Jake Fletcher, James Ramsden, Josh Stevenson, Ross Brooks, Lea Ediale-Ehimanre, Mikaela Slavova Yurukova and Joe Bulman. Want to see how their planning to help you and your activities thrive outside of your degree? Click here!

Vice President Community:

This person will be helping the university connect with Bournemouth in order to make it a great place to be a student, whether that’s Bournemouth town or the houses we are living in. 4 candidates are hoping to represent you this year; Laura Rose Bailey, Abidemi Abiodun, Vishni Patel and Paola Andena. Their manifestos cover landlords and agents, veganism, safety and green issues – get clued up!

Vice President Education:

This person will be representing you throughout your academic experience and education at Bournemouth University. Maybe something is really bothering you about the way your course is run or you feel it lacks something – they’re here to represent you! 5 candidates are standing this year; Max Schultz, Petur Magnusson, Yagmur Cisem Yilmaz, Lenrick Greaves and Alex Hancox. So do you feel like you’re missing out on Wednesday activities because of a timetable clash, want lecture recordings for your absenses/revision purposes, or just feel you need some extra support? Vote for your Education Officer.

Vice President Welfare & Equal Opportunities

This officer is looking to make everyone’s experience at university fair and equal. They’re looking towards improving health, both physically and mental, helping out international stuendets, safety and ensure that everyone at Bournemouth University is having an amazing student experience. The 6 candidates running for VP Welare and Equal Opportunities this year are Megan Robertson, Youssef Karaki, Chelsea Ansell, Julianne Crowley, Madison Shae Miller and Bradley and Powell.

Can I ask the candidates questions?

TONIGHT at The Old Fire Station is student question time! Go along and grill the candidates on what they are going to offer and let them convince you why you should vote for them. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know. Student Question Time is FREE to attend and will be going on from 7pm – 9pm.

Good to know:

If you change your mind on who you want to vote for you can change your vote online!

These roles are FULL TIME! And for all their hard work the officers get paid almost £21,000. Pick who you think will make the biggest impact on your university experience – think about it.

Voting is open for a week – it opens at 10pm on 9th of March and will be open until Thursday 15th March. You can vote online or in the voting booths in Poole House Atrium, Student Centre or Studland House (Lansdowne).

The SUBU Elections Results Night will be held at The Old Fire Station on Friday 16th March from 7pm – 9pm. Refreshments will be provided so come and support those running who want to better your student experience!