The Shakti Secret: Recipe for Relaxation


Hear the word Boscombe and you may immediately picture dark alleyways and threatening figures, but little do you know about the hidden gem of Shakti Massage nestled inside the glorious arcade on the high-street.

Shakti massage is a relatively new concept. With the shakti element involving one’s consciousness with their inner power, the massage is focused on strengthening and relaxing your body both physically and mentally, whilst restoring your natural energy balance.

Anyone who knows me would be able to tell you that I am not at all an affectionate person.

I don’t do well with lots of physical contact, so when I (surprisingly) received a gift voucher for this place, I was skeptical and nervous about what to expect. As an atheist, I also have never engaged too strongly with the idea of a higher power and spiritual healing. This was all, of course, before visiting and experiencing it first hand.

Recipe for Relaxation

Hidden away beneath a hairdressing salon, Vijay, a qualified Reiki master, has his own massage parlour like no other. Decorated delicately with dreamcatchers, incense and candles, just being in the room is enough to relax you completely. Vijay himself is welcoming and gentle, and I felt no awkwardness about explaining to him what I wanted from the massage and stripping down into my undies.

Calming, melodic music hummed in the background and, oh my gosh,

the next ninety minutes were the most amazing ninety minutes of my life

. By the end of the session, my whole body felt relaxed and smooth (complements to the coconut butter that was used). All the tense muscles I had from revising and walking had eased off. I felt like I was walking on air. Be warned, you may not be able to be productive for a while after visiting Vijay as you will just feel too chilled and mellow. I definitely felt like I was glowing for the next couple of days.

As a student, it can be easy with work and deadlines to forget about making time for yourself. I recommend highly to make this time and spend it with Vijay. Not only will it help you banish exam stress and nerves, but it will also leave you feeling energised and restored. Not able to get to Boscombe? Vijay does home visits and is willing to give student and group discounts if you quote this article. (Massage/movie night, maybe?)

To book, contact him via his facebook page or website: