The New 60 Million Postcards

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Sixty Million holds a great deal of memories for many; gigs, first dates, late nights and quizzes. It’s just had a make over which makes it look a little more like the chain that it belongs to, so what does it look like? And does it still feel like the 60 Million Postcards that many people know and love?

I’m sure lots of you remember Sixty looking like this:

A little dark but full of character and memories! Sixty shut it’s doors for 3 weeks to give the place a bit of a face lift. A lick of paint, some new chairs and some new wall art was definately on the cards. It definately needed it. But be prepared for 60 Million Postcards v 2.0.

60MPC hinted at some of the changes while they were shut on their Instagram (@60mpc) which heavily hinted the place would be a little more bright and less dingy. I have to say, I thought the dinge was part of it’s charm…

If you ever drunkenly scrawled your name on the toilet doors, it’s gone. I hate to break it to you, but at least you can prepare yourself. Black tiles and lime green replace the well worn toilets that we knew and loved. Give it time, I’m sure there will be new thought provoking grafitti to think about while you have a wee in no time.

Yellow… Blue… Pink…

Pink pillars stood out and booths appear to be more open, with more of an american diner kinda feel. Bright yellows, blues and pinks punctuate the grey walls, with brand new wall art absolutely everywhere.

New tables of all heights and shapes replace the mismatched furniture that was there before and trendy lightbulbs hang from the ceiling. It looks lovely, but it’s going to take a little getting used to…

The Garden

Beach huts! Perhaps my favourite (and only thing I love) about the new 60 Million Postcards. These little pods can seat 6 people before it becomes a little crowded and each one has it’s own heater. A great place to hide from the winter chill or to enjoy some cocktails in the summer. Why not go down with some friends or for date night and take a board game out of their stash, like Cards Against Humanity or Guess Who to keep you happy. Smoking is not allowed in these new additions, and you still have to go inside after 10:30pm with your drinks. I think these are a great idea and make the garden a lot more fun.

Additionally outside there are lots of new benches of all colours which nearly all are covered by heaters, so you can stay toasty outside for a little more peace and quiet. And no longer shall you precariously lock your bike on the outside of the fence – the garden now has bike racks so you can keep an eye on your ride.

Gone are the band posters and… postcards. The inside is an empty shell/blank slate which I’m sure will have the same charm once it is worn in a little bit. The smell of paint still hits you when you walk in and everything is a little too nice. For now it’s lost it’s “independent venue” look which was a huge part of it’s appeal. Despite needing it’s make over, 60MPC had so much history and it’s look was a result of a lot of good times and memories. I’m sure in a month we would have roughed it up a little…

Skrrrt. tonight at 60MPC, Bournemouth. Don’t Miss WBF and Frau DJ’s as they Christen the new Sixty this coming week!