The Midweek Munch: Bellaggio


This week the Midweek Munch found itself at Winton’s most adored hearty Italian restaurant, Bellaggio. 

Edited by Natalie Whitmore

Bellaggio is an small Italian restaurant, priding themselves on their delicately authentically made pizzas and pasta dishes. The restaurant is placed just at entrance of Winton’s high-street, so absolutely perfect walking distance if you live near university. The seating area is spread over three different compartments of the restaurant, a unique touch to a more intimate dining experience. The interior is a wooden and rustic, and there’s Italian music swinging in the background; suitable for the classic menu they offer to customers for a perfect Italian evening.

Bellaggio offered a Valentine’s day special over the weekend, consisting of a 3 course meal for £19.95 per person. Quite a sum for a student, but I thought it was worth the price. For starters I had mussels cooked in a garlic cream and white wine sauce. I am certainly a fan of mussels and they certainly lived up to my expectations, and more: The garlic taste of the smooth sauce complimented the mussels perfectly; I probably could have had the mussels for the main meal!

For the main, we had a choice of their speciality stone baked pizzas, pasta or salmon. I decided to choose the salmon, this came in a tangy lemon sauce served with new potatoes and broccoli. My boyfriend ventured for the stone baked pizza topped with meatballs, goat cheese, sun blush tomatoes, olives and onion.

IMG_8184The salmon was cooked perfectly and broke into small delicate pieces as I used my fork to pull away the fish. The sauce was extremely lemony, yet again was a delicious complementation to the dish and emphasised the taste of the salmon.

The stone baked pizza (when finally allowed to try some after thorough pleading) was also incredible. A crusty thin base with its soft, indulgent toppings could not go wrong. I’m personally not a fan of goat’s cheese, so I didn’t enjoy the goats cheese topping; however, the aroma of the pizza overall was enthralling.

For dessert, we had the choice of chocolate profiteroles or strawberry cream cheesecake. After great deliberation, we both decided to choose the chocolate profiteroles. The profiteroles came topped with what seemed like a chocolate mousse glaze, IMG_8181and chocolate sauce poured over for decoration. On the side, squirty cream was added to add an extra calorie, which I certainly enjoyed. The profiteroles were crunchy, but soft enough to cut into. The chocolate mousse was soft and flavoursome, and a great addition to the profiteroles. Being quite dessert obsessed, I was definitely a fan of the final course!

To accompany my meal, I had a glass of Pinot Grigio blush which complimented the meal nicely. The bottles of wine were quite out of our price range so opted out of this option.

Overall, Bellaggio was a perfect place to go to for an occasion. I don’t feel like this is a restaurant that students can really rock up to, it would be more ideal for a birthday or an anniversary of some sort in order to really take in what the restaurant has to offer. It is quite an expensive restaurant, so perhaps we shall wait until next valentine’s day to go back to it! Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the food and would recommend to anyone interested in a close, classy restaurant.