Katie White: 5forFreshers


It’s another round of Fresher’s advice coming straight at you from Nerve HQ! Today we are joined by Katie White you tells us exactly what we need to know in the run up to Fresher’s. (Also, find the answer to age old question on whether pineapples belong on pizzas…)

Got any embarrassing, funny or downright lame stories from your time as a Fresher? Maybe you’ve got the key to all Fresher wisdom or you have that one picture from Fresher’s that you just HAVE to show the world. Send us your tweets to @NerveOnline with the hashtag #5forFreshers and you may be featured in in the next article! It really doesn’t get any better than this, aye?

Name: KatiDT0LNJQ3_145e White

Year: Third

Course: Communications and Media

Pineapples on Pizza?: YES! (I OWN PINEAPPLE BOOK ENDS)


First things first you need two things, a door stop and a rail. When you arrive and you’ve finally managed to dump all of your stuff into your snazzy new uni room, it’s important to let others know you’re friendly and approachable! Get a little door stop (or just wedge something heavy in front of it) and this will invite others to do the same. No one wants to live in a shared flat or house where everybody hides behind closed doors and barely says “Hello”. Its also a bonus for keeping an eye on flatmates, making sure they don’t become a complete hermit and get out to see daylight even if its just once in a while! Secondly, the wardrobe space is sadly limited and if you’re one like me who likes to have options then you need a rail to fulfill these needs.

2. A RIDIC amount of photos is necessary

It will clogg up the majority of your phone memory until your hearts content, but taking as MANY pictures of your odd fancy dress nights and rookie fashion choices are really essential. Fresher’s is where you meet people who become friends for life and capturing these moments are worthwhile. You’ll be able to look back at these after fresher’s is over plus in times to come and questions WHY? HOW? WHO? But they’ll be fabulous memories you can truly cherish forever, even if they are a little difficult to look at. Not to mention you can always just ‘Remove tag’…if you really have to.

3. Make the most of the beautiful coast

Bournemouth is really GREAT. So, you must explore everything it has to offer! Trips to the beach are always a winner especially as a nice ‘get to know each other’ kind of thing! The beach is one of the reasons why you picked Bournemouth, right? The place will soon become your second home (not the library – that’s for final year)! So prepare for all things BBQ’s and bonfires. If you can, make sure you also branch out to the likes of Sandbanks too. It’s perfect for a stroll along the coast and to take your mind off everything! P.S It really helps when you’re a bit hungover too…

4. It will be noisy – GET OVER IT!

Student living is crazy, so there will rarely be a quiet moment during freshers. And if you’re lucky as I was, you’ll be put with a great bunch who would like to wake the world up just for utter fun. My flatmate in first year lost his keys after nights out time and time again. Once I had to drag the state (paralytic) through the door and somehow get him into his room, he was literally a dead weight. BUT I did get him in eventually. He then rewarded my kindness by putting a bucket of pasta above my door as part of his daily pranking. Oh yes, be prepared for all kinds of jokes in freshers – although that’s another kettle of fish I could advise you about! But moral is, if you can’t quite do every night of freshers (and it’s completely okay if you don’t) get your hands on a pair of decent ear plugs and they should do the trick!


People WILL eat your bread, drink your pints and anything else they can get their hungry hands on. It’s all well and good sharing the essentials but some flatmates go TOO far. Be weary of what you leave on your fridge/freezer shelves and cupboards. People can be very sneaky and unless you catch them red handed – you can’t prove who really did it. There would be nothing worse than coming home from a day at uni and someone has eaten all of your Sensations *sigh* ..Students are very known for getting HANGRY so this could be why. It’s definitely cheaper if you all chip in and make meals together, but make sure you keep your favourite treats locked away safe in your room for when you really need them!


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