Is Be At One student friendly?

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As my dissertation has been handed in and I have no stresses in the world other than finding enough pretty dresses to pack for my holiday, I thought I’d do the world a favour and test out the Be At One cocktail menu and decide whether the fancy establishment is suitable for student budgets.

Turns out it’s a gooden.

We all love Aruba when the weather is nice and we all love Spoons’ pitchers when loan is a few weeks away. But who knew that we had such a gem of a cocktail bar hidden away in town?

Be At One opened up in Bournemouth back in August and I must admit I hadn’t heard much about it. From the outside it looks posh and although it’s inviting, you might be wary that it’s a bit too upmarket for us students who love £1.50 jagerbombs.

Yeah, there might not be sticky floors or crazy low prices but it was lovely to go somewhere a bit more ‘grown-up’ for once and I didn’t feel out of place as a student either.


It is definitely more expensive than Spoons, but it’s definitely more classy. They have over 500 cocktails to choose from and the bartenders know them inside and out and are happy to chat to you and recommend drinks.

I’ve tried at least fifteen out of 500 (yes, I’ve got a long way to go) – I’d recommend A Kiss From A Rosé, Toast & Butter Daiquiri, Blueberry Muffin and if you want to get really drunk go for a Painkiller.

Cocktails are an average of £10 but on Mondays they have a student night which gets you 2 cocktails for a tenner, which is pretty decent. Be At One is also part of the A List card scheme which gives cardholders 2-4-1 cocktails until midnight whenever they visit.

One more tip to get discounted drinks is to download their app and you can have an hour of ‘Appi Hour’ which entitles you to 2-4-1 (Sunday – Thursday). Get your group of friends to each choose a different hour on their phones and you’ve got an entire night of £5 cocktails. You’re welcome.

Although you might not see crowds of students at Be At One on a Friday night (there’ll be some – but also a few hen parties) it’s definitely worth paying a visit for end of year celebrations or 21st birthdays.

I’m adding Be At One to my list of favourite bars.