SUBU Elections: Who are you voting for?

Nerve covered this years election launch, but once our video comes out we won’t cover any more.

Welcome to SUBU Elections 2019. These elections give Bournemouth University a voice within the community and help to get everything that we need out of our student union. This year’s candidates have been announced, so who will you be voting for?

Do not miss the chance to ask the candidates your questions TODAY at 6pm in Kimmeridge House. Rumour has it there is pizza for those who show! Voting opens at 7pm, so make sure you turn up and let your voice be heard.

SUBU President Candidates:

Whoever is elected as president will have the large responsibility of being a voice for the 17,500 students at BU. Those running are Ade Balogun, our current SUBU President; Sujata Shekhawat, Mark Smith, Astrid Johnson, Julianne Crowley, Gideon Adu-Gyamfi, and Harrison Wade.

Between them they have their foot well in the door at SUBU, being involved with societies and clubs, being student reps, being a student trustee and being the current SUBU Trans Officer. They are all suitable for the job, but who will you choose?

Read their full manifesto’s here.

VP Activities Candidates:

Whoever gets the Activities role will be responsible for encouraging students to get involved with societies and clubs, as well as working alongside Raising and Giving (RAG) to raise money for some amazing causes. Your candidates are Lea Ediale, your current SUBU Activities Officer, Nicholas Weaks, Alexander Ramos, Leon Fletcher, Joshua Reynolds and Manu Rönkkö.

These candidates have experience in all areas; being involved in their local council, leaders of clubs and societies, ResLife representatives and all of them want to help being part of activities at SUBU be the most enjoyable experience that it can be.

Read their full manifesto’s here. 

VP Community Candidates:

The Community Officer will be responsible for ensuring that the environment that students are living and working in are the best they can be for all students across both campus’. The candidates are Dee Fielding Cooke, Abidemi Abiodun, your current Community Officer, Harry Williams and Emma Reynolds.

Between them, these candidates want to establish a sense of community and educate students on sustainability, improve recycling and food waste on campus and ensure that there is food that everyone on campus can eat.

Read their full manifesto’s here.

VP Education Candidates:

Education candidates will represent students from across both campus’, and ensure that students have a voice about the way they receive their education at BU. The candidates are Lenrick Greaves, your current Education Officer who has been running ‘Why is my Curriculum White?, and Corey Kemp who looks to ensure that students receive support with their education on a more personal level.

Read their full manifesto’s here.

VP Welfare and Equal Opportunity Candidates:

These students will be the voice of everybody at BU, regardless of where they come from, how they identify, or what they are going through. Mental health and inclusivity is at the core of welfare and equal opportunities. The candidates are Debbie Maina, Joanna Ann, Amy Manning, Dawn Cross, Hawwah Gambo, Noor Ul Ain and Talya Disagciyan.

These students have ambitious goals that they want to see from SUBU, including students on sexual health, domestic violence, free meal plans and healthy eating input across campus.

Read their full manifesto’s here.

Yep, that’s a lot of students. However, all of them want to improve your experience at BU and with SUBU. Read their manifesto’s and get involved. Don’t miss the launch of the elections and Question Time today at 6pm! That is the only way you can decide what you want to see change or implemented at SUBU for YOU!