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Here at Nerve, we understand Fresher’s. For so many of you, this is the start of an exciting set of years ahead of you. For the rest, it is pretty much ‘Back to School’ but on a larger scale. Wherever you’re coming from, we’ve created 5forFreshers; a collection of tips for all you newcomers to gain some sort of solace from and all you established members of BU to cringe as you remember your time as a new student. Today, we’ve got our very own Head of Nerve Online, De’Graft Mensah, kickstarting it all off.

Got any embarrassing, funny or downright lame stories from your time as a Fresher? Maybe you’ve got the key to all Fresher wisdom or you have that one picture from Fresher’s that you just HAVE to show the world. Send us your tweets to @NerveOnline with the hashtag #5forFreshers and you may be features as Tweet of the Week next week! It really doesn’t get any better than this, aye?


Name: De’Graft Mensah

Year: Third

Course: Multimedia Journalism

Spirit Animal: Mufasa (RIP)

  1. It is okay to be absolutely terrified about starting

    So I am going to let you in on a little secret. I was NOT looking forward to starting university at all. I had just had a brilliant summer with all my friends and I was the first one out of the group to leave my cosy little town to travel down South knowing no one. Oh, and I weeped like a baby when I got dropped off here. It’s okay to feel a bit nervous though – you’re starting University after all and this is big stuff but believe me, it gets so much better once you’ve settled in. SO much better.

  2. Fresher’s Flu sucks

    This isn’t really a tip. This is the inevitable. You will somehow catch Fresher’s Flu out of no doing of your own and before you know it, you’re coughing and spluttering out of no fault of your own and it just sucks. I would tell you how to successfully get rid of it but I had mine for so long that I don’t think i’m in the position to give advice. You may be one of those lucky one’s who flat out don’t get ill and if that’s the case… I ENVY YOU.

  3. Student Finance = £££

    When I first got my Student Finance, I felt like an unmovable mountain. Was any price tag too high for me? Was there any such thing as a limit? Would I ever understand poverty? The answer is YES. To all. Please don’t get carried away with your student finance because Pot Noodle isn’t as great as you remember it being as a kid.

  4. That group chat you have with your friends from back home? Yeah…

    Okay, so your friends at home will always be your friends. That WhatsApp group chat will eventually die down but you will always have said friends. Don’t take a breakdown in communication to mean that you’ve them. My group chat barely talks during the university year but whenever I go home it is like nothing has ever changed. Don’t be afraid to get stuck in at uni and talk to people who you wouldn’t necessarily have spoken to back home. You never know who has the potential to be a good friend…

  5. Freebies are good. Always say yes to a freebie

    When you start University, you will have free goodies coming your way in abundance. Free pens, free lollies, free chocolate, free pizza, free pens, free pens, FREE PENS. All I’m saying is take them. Don’t think about looking needy. You’re a student, we’re all needy. Plus, for a man who is about to start his final year at University, I’m running awfully low on pens…

Got any questions for De’Graft about Fresher’s? He would love to answer and hey, he doesn’t bite! Tweet us at @NerveOnline with the hashtag #5ForFreshersDG.

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