Why you should be a weekday vegetarian

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I recently received a phone call from my best friend as she sobbed over a Chinese. Two weeks earlier, after watching a horrific video showing what happens inside a slaughterhouse, she told me she was becoming a vegetarian; she would never eat meat again.

However, she found herself lured back into the world of meat and consequently she decided she’d let the animal kingdom down.

I’ve not eaten meat for around three years now, but even I was wondering whether she should really turn veggie. It was a pretty big decision to make just because of one Facebook video. Nevertheless, I said nothing, sent her a few recipes and sent her on her way into a new, meat-free life.

Obviously, it didn’t last long. The growing trend of ‘clean-eating’ and cutting out animal products seems to be taking over our lives. More and more, people are feeling pressured to unwillingly change their diets. Although I think going veggie is great, doing it out of guilt will never work.

However, there is still hope. If like my best friend, you find yourself getting weepy over those horrible PETA videos, I offer you an alternative solution: being a weekday vegetarian. 

51% of greenhouse gas emissions are due to the meat industry.

There’s good reason to become a weekday vegetarian as we’re eating more meat than ever. 51% of greenhouse gas emissions are due to the meat industry. 30% of ice-free land in the world is also used for animal rearing and growing food for cattle. The meat industry is certainly destructive to this planet, but that doesn’t mean you should never eat meat again.

Being a weekday vegetarian cuts down your meat consumption by 70% and with lower meat consumption comes all the great benefits of being veggie. The more plants you eat, the stronger your immune system and the slower you age. Meat consumption is also linked to greater risks of Cancer. There are so many reasons to cut down on meat, so why not give it a try?

All you need to do to get started is to start swapping meat for alternatives during the week. Switching out meat in your meals for things like Quorn is a really great way to start. Having things like salad, cheese, and falafel in wraps and sandwiches at lunch instead of meat is another small thing you can do to cut your meat consumption. Tesco’s new vegan own brand also makes avoiding meat simpler than ever. Cutting down on meat is much easier than people make it seem- and this way you can still binge on McDonald’s on weekends!

 If you’re looking for a New Year’s resolution that’s reasonable, this might be the one for you.