Nerve Online’s Verdict on Bournemouth’s Brand New Board Game Cafe

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Ahead of the grand opening this weekend, Nerve had a chance to have a sneak peak at Bournemouth’s new dose of fun, Coffee & Dice. With board game cafés currently a novel concept in the UK, Coffee & Dice aims to be a hub for anyone interested in the games scene. Whether you’re a gaming enthusiastic, want to re-live your childhood or fancy a coffee and catch-up that’s a bit different there’s something for everyone on offer. Caught your attention? Here’s the verdict on what we thought of the café.

The place:

All your childhood favourites in one place.

The minute you step into Coffee & Dice you’re instantly transported back to your childhood classroom. Remember the days of indoor play? Rainy weather forcing you to transform your desks into an area of play with every game you could get your hands on. Well, Coffee & Dice is exactly like that. Expect you don’t have to use rain as an excuse to enjoy a board game! With chunky wooden tables and chairs, walls covered in every game you could think of and bright lights the atmosphere is perfectly fitting.

The staff:

Upon entering the cafe the game selection is a tad overwhelming, to say the least. There’s bound to be plenty you’ve never come across before or far too many for you to possibly choose from. That’s where the helpful staff come in. Just tell them the mood you’re in, the games you already know and love and a selection of games for you to try will be placed in front of you. Plus, they have plenty of tips and tricks to offer to help you on your way. You will definitely look at your childhood favourite games in a completely different light as an adult.

The food:

The case are incredible!

Who knew playing board games could be such tiring work? Don’t fear, the selection of sandwiches and cakes on offer should be more than enough to keep you going. Luckily, going back to the classroom doesn’t mean re-living the squashed sandwiches found in your old school lunchbox. Instead, the sandwiches are freshly made, great quality and have a unique taste. Much more than a mundane, homemade sandwich that usually accompanies a board game! Plus, the quality of coffee is great as are the staff serving it!

 The games:

There’s almost too much choice.

Okay, onto the important bit; the games. Firstly, the selection of games you get for £4 is great. Organised into categories, there’s something that everyone can enjoy. From adventure sections to quizzes and family favourites, it’s a definitely a place to waste hours of your time. Or, it could be just a quick revision break to give your mind a break. With a high quality, multiple copies of those that are highly demanded and updated versions it’s definitely the modern day games café that’s been missing from our high streets.

Overall verdict

Your wish to be a child again has finally come true, even if it is only for a couple of hours. Grab your friends, escape the library and you can have the chance to forget all your responsibilities. A cheap, easy way to get your fix of entertainment this place is definitely worth a visit.

Grab your friends and give it a go.