#5ForFreshers: Ways to Break the Ice


Moving away from home for the first time and meeting a bunch of new people is so exciting but it can also be a little daunting. Whilst downing Jägerbombs in the club can be a great way to get to know your new flatmates, why not try some of these other activities that can help you break the ice and start your first memories at Bournemouth.

Cook a meal or bake together

Is there a better way to break the ice than teaching your cooking impaired flatmate what a potato peeler is or laughing over a soggy bottomed sponge? Well, maybe, but it’s still great fun and gets you all cooking away from home for the first time. It’s also a plus if you need some hangover cures after your first night at the Old Fire Station. Stuck on what to cook? Check out our recipes that every fresher should know here.

Host a games night

Board or card games (at pres or otherwise) is a great way to get the whole flat sitting around the table together and having a laugh. Although maybe skip on Monopoly if you want to miss any table flipping incidents in your first week…

Head out for some games of bowling or mini golf

If the inevitable British rain comes, or you just fancy getting out the flat, Oasis Fun in Bournemouth town centre is home to bowling, mini golf, pool and arcade games as well as a bar and diner –  enough to keep you occupied for hours! Soon a brand now mini golf course is opening up, complete with 3 themed courses so keep your eyes peeled around BH2! Or, if it’s a sunny day, head to Bournemouth Gardens Mini Golf for a round. Despite if you win or lose, I’m sure gloating from any of the players will break the ice!

Spend a day/evening on the beach

Thankfully, the weather in September does tend to hold out, and whilst it might not be warm enough for a swim (unless you’re brave enough), Bournemouth is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the UK. Start making the most of it in your first few weeks and head down to the beach for a BBQ, or try out the world-famous Harry Ramsden fish and chips on the seafront. Bring along some blankets, a sports ball and a few beers or ciders and you’re good to go!

Take part in a pub quiz

Bournemouth University’s very own student bar on the Talbot Campus has great food and cheap drinks, and hosts a quiz every week as well as other events such as karaoke. Check out their website for more information. Looking for something closer to the town centre? There are number of pubs in Bournemouth that also host speed quizzes every week – there’s nothing like arguing over the wrong answer to bring down those barriers. Visit Pub Quizzers – Bournemouth for date and location info.

Ice breakers are super important, even if they’re small gestures and you’re super nervous about putting yourself out there. With the beach so close and no excuse to cook (mummy and daddy won’t help you now!) these are super simple ways to bond with your new friends. Failing that, suggest going to the pub or going to Cameo tonight.